My Mundane Day

5:00 AM First call from my alarm clock because maybe someday I’ll get up that early.

6:00 AM Second attempt from my alarm clock to get me out of bed. Maybe…

6:30 AM Last alarm attempt and roll out of bed. Throw on my warm socks because the bathroom floor is too cold and we had to get rid of our rug and haven’t replaced it. Brush teeth, apply face, put on hair, etc.

6:40 AM Emerge from bathroom and stare at closet in a half-hearted attempt to spontaneously compile clothing for the day.

6:50 AM Kiss husband goodbye, tip toe to the kids’ room to close door so I can make my coffee and gander in the fridge for a prepared lunch that doesn’t exist.

7:07 AM Speed on to 94 in Minneapolis to head to work in Eden Prairie.

7:30 AM Arrive at work and start pre-work.

8:15 AM Actually start work. Authorize some care, deny some care, correct some mistakes, make some mistakes, take some phone calls, make some phone calls…

4:45 PM Dart out of work to get home and provide some relief for my stay-at-home husband.

5:30 PM Arrive home and get tackled by the children. “Mom look at this,” “Mommy uppease?” “Mom daddy said…,” “Mom can we have pizza for dinner.”

6:00 PM Start dinner. (Depending on the night Kyle is at class until 8, 9, or 10 PM)

6:20/6:30 PM Eat dinner.

7:00 PM Gawk in amazement at the kids as they have managed to only eat 2 bites in 30 minutes.

7:30 PM Bath time or play time. “Mom will you play with us?” “Mom will sit on the floor with you and watch you play?”

8:00 PM Kids brush teeth, sit on potty, put pajama’s on, read Jesus Calling, read Gabe’s choice of book, read Elle’s choice of book. Give hugs and kisses.

8:30/8:45 PM Sit down to start homework.

8:30-10:30 PM Throw verbal “threats” at kids regarding removal of lovies if attempt at avoiding sleep continues accompanied with occasional “Mom Glares” and whatnot, until silence and finally sleep in the children’s room.

11:30 PM Give up on homework and decide to be refreshed with the new day. Brush teeth, remove face, etc.

12:00/12:30 AM Sleep?

Amidst all of this I am reminded that while I feel my life is mundane, mediocre, and “boring” (it’s not until I read this that I think perhaps we are busy), I am called to service in the insignificance of it. While I may feel my life is insignificant, it is the moments that I serve in my mundane life that are the most significant. When we give oranges to guys on the street corners, allow some one else to go before us even though we’re in a hurry, and give attention to people, that may be the most significant event in their life.

So I may serve in my mundane life, but I serve a significant God that makes miracles out of my mediocrity.