4 day vacation=not long enough

Last weekend Kyle and I went on a 4 day vacation to Las Vegas.  We have never been.  It was fun.

We ate a LOT of food!  GOOD food.
BEST.FRIES.EVER. from Le Burger Brasserie.

Breakfast at Payards.  Banana and nutella crepe=Delish!
All gone!

Super huge chocolate fountain (Jean Phillipe Chocolates).

Super delicious "intense" desserts.

Yummy cappuccino and new desert combinations: Raspberry, chocolate and KIWI.
Crazy right?! Crazy delicious!

We saw the fountains and the Belagio (really cool)..

 and saw Paris.

We rode in style (AKA the public bus).

We saw a show and "O" it was good.

We were silly...

and we got work done.

We had a good 4 days but we were ready to be home.  Now to plan for next year...we're thinking international...c/o J.B.


Much needed Vacation...Counting down

In two days...TWO DAYS!...Kyle and I will start a much need yet too short vacation.  Just the two of us!

This is where we're staying...

And some of the things we'll get to see...

Mostly, sleep!


Tuesday Night=Bath Night

Typically Tuesday nights mean the kids get a bath...unless Mom is too tired.

Usually the kids will play for a while and Gabe is ready to get out before Elle is.  Since Gabe is a boy and therefore attracts more dirt than my little princess, I let Elle play in the "dirty" water for awhile then drain it and shower her to actually clean her.

Well, tonight as I was washing her hair with her damp town covering her face to prevent wanter from running in to her face and she mumbled something.  I asked her to repeat it and what she said could only have come from MY mother!

"A princess could get use to this."


Only from her Grandma Vicki!



This morning, Kyle and I woke up to the familiar whimpering of Gabe.  After a couple hollers from Kyle, "Go back to bed Gabe" we hear a few moments of silence...then it started...


"Quiet Gabe."


"Leave me alone Gabe."


"Leave me alone Gabe."


"Gabe, go back to bed!"

A few more moments of silence...then...


"What Gabe?"


"What Gabe?"



Then the chattering of siblings.

When I finally compiled enough energy to drag my bottom out of bed, I tip toed to the door of their room because aren't all parents interested to see what their toddlers do when we aren't looking?

Do you know what I saw?

Elle and Gabe, sitting in Elle's bed.  They weren't pulling hair, hitting faces, kicking shins, or yelling at each other.  My almost 4 and almost 2 year old were laughing while gently tossing a football back and forth to each other.

I whispered to Kyle to come and check it out but his energy composition wasn't strong enough yet. So...

I was gifted this small moment all to myself.  This sigh of relief amidst hair pulling and face hitting, screams and full on sharing battles, my house being terrorized and nothing being in its right place.  

God smiled on me today, like he does every day, but today...I felt it.  

God smiled on my kids today, like he does everyday, but today...they lived it.

There was nothing miraculous about that moment today, but God made it.  

With a brother 6 1/2 years older than me and being a horrid little sister myself occasionally, siblings get a bad rep.  But Elle and Gabe rely on each other, they love each other, and most of the time, they even LIKE each other.  So even though there was sibling rivalry today and will always be, today, God smiled on us...and we smiled back.


Then and Now

This is what Minnesota looked like on October 12th, 2009...LAST year...

This is what today, October 9th, 2010 looked like...







 **All the colors are for you Mom!**