Do you speak 2-year-old?

As Elle continues to grow and develop, her vocabulary is constantly changing.  We know this though.  What I think we occasionally fail to realize is how amazing those initial attempts at words are.  For example, when Elle was a little littler :)  she would so I love you so much.  Nothing too special but she would put emphasis on love and much.  She doesn't say it that way anymore but we still do.  It's too cute not to.

Another one she still says and I absolutely LOVE is prettiful.  It's so completely a little girl term!  She doesn't quite understand beauty yet so pretty is accurate, however she's heard Kyle and I say beautiful so she thinks ful should be at the end?  I'm guessing.  So its full of pretty.  ADORABLE!

And then today! Oh everyday is a dialogue adventure with a toddler isn't it?  She was putting her boots on but they were on the wrong feet, as the often adorably are, and I told her this.  She kept working on putting it on the wrong foot and said, "Mom, yer killing me here." Not being absolutely sure I heard her correctly I had to have her repeat it again.  Yep, I was right.  I was "killing" her.  Notice, she does actually take the time to pronounce the full killing instead of killin' but its yer not you're.  Honestly!

Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to Gabe's 1 year!  Can't believe that.  It went so much faster than Elle's.  I've finally decided on the cake.  I'm going to attempt to make the Daily Planet to go with Gabe being Superman.  Hopefully it will turn out.  Kyle has his Spiderman costume, Elle is set with Super Girl, Gabe is Superman, and I've got my make-shift Tomb Raider costume (G rated).  I doubt I will be able to get Gabe's scrapbook done in time.  There just aren't enough hours in the day with family, church, work, school, dance, etc.  Oh well.  If it doesn't get done it doesn't get done.

Anyway, I should be able to breath after the party and hopefully will have some pictures but until then here are some to tide you over.

Gabe 'playing' in the snow at the cabin.  So glad we finally made it up there.

Gabe and Me cuddling at the cabin.

Elle Belle and the "new" monkey Peanut Butter.

Kyle took the kids to the circus MEA week.  Such a good daddy.

My little boy, growing up.


Monkey Madness

So the story goes...

Every year, well for 3 years now, Kyle, Elle and I (and Gabe for the last two years) have done the NAMI (National Alliance against Mental Illness) walk through CIGNA.  Elle usually rides in the stroller no big deal.  It is usually rainy and dreary and we are bundled up to stay warm and dry as best we can.  This year was a bit drier bit still a little cool.  Last year Gabe was still in my belly so we were able to use the single stroller.  This year we used the double stroller since we had both kids out of my belly. :)  Normally Elle wants to sit in the front and Gabe really can't put up much of an argument so its no big deal.  So we started this way.  We got out of the car and made our way to the meeting area for the CIGNA team.  After a moment or two Elle decided she wanted to be in back.  So I swapped the kids. No big deal.  We proceeded on our walk, ahead of the rest of the walkers.  We had places to be and it's no fun maneuvering a double stroller through throngs of people.

Anyway,  we got done with the walk, got home to get the kids ready for a nap, when I froze!  Where was monkey.  What had happened to monkey?  I don't remember seeing him after we got out of the car and started the walk!  I stood there, half dressed (was changing from  my sweaty garb to more appropriate baking attire) with a shirt (or pants, I don't remember, some sort of fabric) spread across my face in complete misery!  I HAD LOST MONKEY!  PRECIOUS MONKEY!  WHAT WOULD ELLE DO?

Kyle walked in to the room and stopped at the site of me.  Honestly, who wouldn't?  I explained to him the issue and we quickly tore through the house and car.  No monkey.  Monkey and Elle are hardly ever apart.  Only when Baby Grace decides she's been neglected for too long does Monkey selflessly step aside to allow Baby Grace some play time with Elle.

Monkey's is the pink circle.  :)

So Monday rolls around and I've e-mail the walk director, the director of the event from my work and her back up since she was out sick.  I called mom on Saturday and foolishly asked for prayers that Monkey be found and fast as to avoid and horrible break downs.

Mom and Dad found Monkey's twin, brother, and friend (?) hanging out in the Amazon (Amazon.com) and decided it made only too much sense to get them.  Not even 5 seconds later I got an e-mail from the direct of the event at my work that her mother had picked up the monkey and we would be able to get it back.

Mom and Dad continued with the order anyway.  On Friday, Elle had 2 packages waiting for her.  I should first say that Elle told me she bought Gabe a birthday present earlier in the week: a blue monkey like her monkey and a train. ???

We opened the first package and Elle's response was, "My Monkey! My NEW Monkey!"  She was very excited.  We asked her what she thought was in the other box.  "Gabe's monkey!"  Sure enough it was the blue monkey.

The next day we got ANOTHER package. A brown monkey, which Elle decided belongs in her bed with the pink one...the NEW pink one.  Well this morning there was so much chaos with all the monkeys and Elle wanting to bring Monkey to Church (though we weren't sure which one) we had to name them all.  Old pink monkey with remain "Monkey" while new pink monkey shall hence for be referred to as "Peanut Butter".  Brown monkey has been title "Buttercup" which Kyle was trying to name the new pink monkey but Elle wouldn't have it.  Gabe's blue monkey is now "Spaghetti".  He was just going to be "Butter" but Gabe liked "Spaghetti" better than "Butter".  :)  I think that goes for the monkey and the food.

Anyway,  I'll try my hardest to get the video of Elle playing with the monkeys up soon.