"cuddle me?"

Business Causual (a.k.a. Bus Cas)

Monday through Wednesday this week we have customer visits at our office which means we must look decent which means we dress is business casual, or as I lable it on my calendar, "Bus. Cas."  A month ago you'd probably hear me groan when we got the email.  Now, every day is Bus. Cas. day.  Except for maybe Friday when I will try to be creative with jeans.

Yesterday was a fun one for me for two reasons: 1) I loved my outfit and 2) when I read the day's Wild Ruffle there was a theme going.  Black and white and red all over.

Check me out...

Short sleeve turtle neck sweater, $6 from Clothes Mentor.
Black wide belt, $6 from Payless Shoes (I know!). 
My husband pretty much had to force me to purchase the belt.
Black Ann Taylor Loft pants, $16, also from Clothes Mentor.

Isaac Mizrahi red shoes from Target.  My mom bought them for me. :)

Red necklace and matching earrings from Clothes Mentor.  I think they were like $8?

I do have to say the shoes killed my feet but in true shoe-lover fashion I do believe that it in no way is the fault of the shoes.  It is my own fault for not loving them and wearing them enough.



"awfully fancy"

Recently I have been a bit more interested in "girly" things.  Jewelry, dressing fancy, etc.  Thanks to some fancy friends and the courage wildruffle has given me I'm slowly becoming more comfortable being "fancy.

Check her out! She's got some great, practical tips.
(we were playing Kinect)

So it's not bad but its not adventurous in the style department.  This is what I would typically wear, well, anywhere.
I got pretty today!

Pink wrap is from Charlotte Russe, last season.  I don't remember the price.
White tank top is from Express and was given to me from a friend.
The shoes, also Clothes Mentor for $14-Apostrophe.

The skirt was $6 from Clothes Mentor-Merona.

Earrings from Target I think?  Quite awhile ago though.

Normally I don't wear skirts, or earrings or heels!  I was fancy today!



I have been completely inspired by Lila Was Here. Check it out.  That being said, I'm  not nearly as good as this mom at taking pics, at least it'll be fun right.

I was only able to get Elle today.  Gabe had a rough day and spent most of the night in time out.