The Weeks Go On

It has been almost 3 weeks since Reesie-Roo's surgery and she is doing wonderfully.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying.  I'm so sorry it has taken this long for an update and thank you for being so patient, so for your kindness, here is your update.

The day after her surgery Kyle and I were honestly expecting to have a chill day at home watching movies and waiting on her while she was sluggish.  AS IF!  This girl was running around the house!  We decided to take advantage of a day with Daddy home and the older kids still at school, so we took the littles to the Como Zoo.

She had a blast and honestly, so did we.  We don't get to spend time with just the littles very often so it was a nice change of pace.  We even went to Mac's Fish & Chips for lunch.  That afternoon Kyle took Reese to her follow up appointment.  Dr. Soumekh checked her incision by her ear and gave us care instructions.  Twice a day, we were to use a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide to clean out the lymph node, then use ointment on a Q-tip in the incision and cover with a bandage.  The first few days it was tough to get her to sit still for the "cleanings."  We started bribing her with ice cream.  Quality parenting right here folks.  After the first cleaning she didn't want ice cream anymore.

Earlier in June we had another appointment with Dr. Soumekh and everything was still looking good.  The bandage on her chin has finally fallen off so we are just seeing that for the first time.  It looks good but we'll probably be some essential oils on that to help with the healing.  The incision by her ear is so small right now but is healing as well.  She's still on antibiotics and we're not sure how long she'll have to be on them.  She has another appointment June 24th to see how she's doing.

The girl hasn't missed a beat.

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She's as sassy as every.
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Home Sweet Home

Today Reesie-Roo had her surgery.  She did great.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped and prayed.  I can't list you all!  From those that helped with the kiddos to those that kept us in their thoughts and prayers today.

Reesie had to be at the hospital at 10:30 and I'm pretty sure she thought she was just at a playground.

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Just to recap: Reese had two bumps that needed to be "dealt with" due to ATB (you can read last week's post for more info).  They removed the one on her neck (you can hardly see it in the photo below) and drained the on by her ear.  They let me come back to the OR when they put the mask on her to knock her out.  I'm so grateful she wasn't awake for the IV and anesthesia this time.  It wasn't horrible last time but I'm grateful we didn't have to do it again.  We were told the surgery would last about an hour but after about 30 minutes Dr. Soumekh came out and told us everything went well.

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They brought her to recovery and Kyle was able to get to the hospital (the whole 2 blocks from his work) before she woke up.  She was still pretty sleepy for a while but managed to force down 3 Popsicles and 2 cups of Jell-O.

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We'll see Dr. Soumekh tomorrow afternoon and he'll change the dressing for us (it looks absolutely nasty right now.  We warned the older kids about how it looked and they did great when they saw her.  We're so happy we didn't have to stay the night and that she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight instead.  She's doing great with pain so far. "No owies."  She does keep touching it wondering what is going on.  She hasn't seen it yet and I'm hesitant to show it to her until it looks a little better.

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Thanks again for all the prayers and messages today.  My brain was absolutely fried so if I didn't respond or if what I responded doesn't make sense, please forgive me and bring it up at a later date when we can laugh until we cry.



Mid to end of February we noticed some bumps on Reesie-Roo: one next to her left ear lobe and one on her neck.  Due to the location we assumed they were swollen lymph nodes and her body was just fighting and infection and they would go away.

Early in May we visited her pediatrician since they had not gone away.  Her pediatrician ran some blood tests to check for a few things which came back normal so she sent us to an ENT specialist.  The following Thursday we saw Dr. Christiansen who gave us a diagnosis of Atypical Mycobacterium (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1891767/).  Dr. Christiansen referred us to Dr. Soumekh who is a pediatric ENT specialist (We actually had a friend recommend Dr. Soumekh so the fact that we ended up with him was great).  Dr. Christiansen wanted Dr. Soumekh to confirm the diagnosis and recommend on a treatment plan.

The next day (Friday) we saw Dr. Soumekh. He was fantastic.  Dr. Christiansen had called Dr. Soumekh to tell him we would be coming.  These people are so kind!  Anyway, Dr. Soumekh did confirm the diagnosis, ordered and CT scan and an appointment for us to see and infectious disease doctor.  He wanted to see how deep the one by her ear was.  If it was too deep then we would run a risk of it being in the Parotid gland and having to remove that or scrap out the area, as well as nerve issues in the face.  If it was not too deep then they can remove both spots.

Reese had a physical/pre-op that following Monday (9:00) to give her an otherwise clean bill of health for the CT scan later in the day (12:00) at Children's.  She will be sedated for the CT scan.  Then her appointment with the infectious disease doctor at 3:30.  Full day of appointments but Kyle and I thought it would be better to get them all in on one day then drag them out over the course of 3.  Dr. Soumekh has been great and is really pushing for urgency with this.  If they can catch it before it grows into the gland all the better.  

Dr. Soumekh called us that same day to inform us the CT scan couldn't guarantee the growth wasn't going into the gland.  He recommended removing the lump on her neck (sending it for testing) and scraping out the one by her ear).  I trust his recommendation so we're moving forward with it.

Tuesday, May 26th at 12:00 Reese will have her surgery at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  She will be there overnight to monitor her and will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Soumekh a week after the procedure.  We've been told they will likely monitor her for a year but this won't cause any long term health issues for her.  She may have to go back if there are cosmetic issues but honestly it would only add to the Reesie-Roo roughness.

Reese was great for her CT scan and for all the appointments she's had. She's remained her sassy self and we know she'll do just fine with her surgery. Most of you have experienced this. If you tell Reesie she is a goof or funny or, really and adjective, her response is pretty much always, "No I not, I Reesie-Roo." Yes you are girl. There is no other way to describe her but "Reesie-Roo." She's been excellent through this so far. We are so grateful for the speed of the doctors and that this hasn't been something worse. We have definitely felt humility for those whose lives revolve around doctors appointment and constant questions.

Thanks for all your prayers.  We'll update after surgery next week.

Please pray she continues to be brave and that everything goes well during surgery. We know she's in good hands.