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Today Reesie-Roo had her surgery.  She did great.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped and prayed.  I can't list you all!  From those that helped with the kiddos to those that kept us in their thoughts and prayers today.

Reesie had to be at the hospital at 10:30 and I'm pretty sure she thought she was just at a playground.

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Just to recap: Reese had two bumps that needed to be "dealt with" due to ATB (you can read last week's post for more info).  They removed the one on her neck (you can hardly see it in the photo below) and drained the on by her ear.  They let me come back to the OR when they put the mask on her to knock her out.  I'm so grateful she wasn't awake for the IV and anesthesia this time.  It wasn't horrible last time but I'm grateful we didn't have to do it again.  We were told the surgery would last about an hour but after about 30 minutes Dr. Soumekh came out and told us everything went well.

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They brought her to recovery and Kyle was able to get to the hospital (the whole 2 blocks from his work) before she woke up.  She was still pretty sleepy for a while but managed to force down 3 Popsicles and 2 cups of Jell-O.

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We'll see Dr. Soumekh tomorrow afternoon and he'll change the dressing for us (it looks absolutely nasty right now.  We warned the older kids about how it looked and they did great when they saw her.  We're so happy we didn't have to stay the night and that she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight instead.  She's doing great with pain so far. "No owies."  She does keep touching it wondering what is going on.  She hasn't seen it yet and I'm hesitant to show it to her until it looks a little better.

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Thanks again for all the prayers and messages today.  My brain was absolutely fried so if I didn't respond or if what I responded doesn't make sense, please forgive me and bring it up at a later date when we can laugh until we cry.

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