All The Little Things

One would think that being on a break from school would provide more time for me to do the things I want/need to do...so far I have yet to see this. So, key points for the last couple of weeks...

-Kyle started back to school shortly before my three week break from school.

-We, Kyle and I, celebrated our 5 YEAR (WOWZA) anniversary!

-Kyle and I saw Wicked! A-mazing!

-Gabe decided he no longer needs to sleep at any time of the day.

-Elle & Gabe have been struck with the random fever/sore throat that has gone around.

-I have fall allergies.

-Kyle started football with the Bethany guys.

-We started searching for our next house but...we can't do anything about it until we sell ours, so...

-Our house will be back up on the market, soon.

-We visited the apple orchard.  The last year for Minnesota Harvest.  It was a BUST!  Last year was so much better! But, to make up for it...

-We're going to Sever's Corn Maze for Gabe's birthday which means...

-Gabe turns 2 the end of next month!

-We are counting down the days for our small but much needed vacation.  Lots of sleeping in doing nothing.

At some point I will update information and get some pictures up from the orchard.  In the mean time, enjoy the first day of fall.


35 Years!

35 years ago tomorrow, two of the best teachers of love rebelled. 
They went against the odds and united together, determined to last, forever.

Through 35 years they endured unruly children.,
changing home fronts,
and an ever changing world.

Through 35 years they overcame with laughter into tears,
joy overflowing,
and hope abounding.

Without them, lives would be unchanged,
children unborn,
laughs not had.

We have been blessed with one of the best example of enduring love because of them.

A true love, like the love we only read about now days.

But this love is no fictional tale.

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

We can't even begin to express our gratitude for all you have taught us and the amazing example of husband and wife you have show us.

Thank you!



Elle started dance.  This Saturday was her second class.
I think she's pretty good...

It's me, over 20 years ago!


Shoe Daydreams

My mom has, probably since I was born, given me a hard time about the collections of shoes I have.

The torch of grief was passed to my husband when we got married. 

My current plan is to use up all the lovely shoes I have, which is not that many by the way, so I can go on a wonderful shoe shopping spree.  Keep in mind, I know we won't be able to afford said shoe shopping extravaganza but I'd like to daydream.

In a random Google search last night I came across a shoe heaven blog.  Shoedaydreams .  It's amazing.  Well, the pictures are at least.  So far. :)  I haven't had a chance to read through everything but thank you random Google findings for leading me to this site that will help me suppress my shoe addiction. 

I just had to share with other shoe lovers.  Particularly as a mom who rarely gets to purchase clothing for herself, much less frill items such as fancy shoes.  It is an interesting realization I have, I'm sure many mom's do, when we get the rare chance to go shopping sans children.  Sometimes our goal is to look for our children.  Okay, usually our goal is items for our children but on the off chance we get to go for ourselves how often do we actually end up shopping for ourselves? 

In my case, I probably spend a couple minutes in the women's section, end up completely disheartened by the selection and my inability to pull off the cute and trendy clothes and meander over to the always adorable children's section.  It's just more fun!  Plus, it's just more reasonable that we get new clothes or shoes or whatever for the kids because they are slowly outgrowing the clothes we bought for them last week.  After all, mine still fit.  Sure my wires are protruding from all but one of my bras and I only have 1 respectable pair of jeans and my tank top straps are held together by safety pins, but hey, they still fit and are functioning.

Maybe I'm the only one this happens to?  And I LOVE shopping for my kids.  But sometimes, while I'm sitting at work or home being inundated with work and school and chores and dinner plans and blah, blah, blah!, I just need to escape into shoedaydreams.

Dreaming of shoes like these...


Fun Secret

This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, it looked like I cried myself to sleep last night.  I didn't, but that's what it looked like.  So, it order to compensate for my unfortunate facial catastrophe, I decided to make myself feel good with socks!

I wore boots today so I was the only one to fully appreciate my socks but that's what made it so fun.  Well, Kyle got to appreciate them too and now you can as well!

Here are my fabulous socks for today!

Happy Thursday!