All The Little Things

One would think that being on a break from school would provide more time for me to do the things I want/need to do...so far I have yet to see this. So, key points for the last couple of weeks...

-Kyle started back to school shortly before my three week break from school.

-We, Kyle and I, celebrated our 5 YEAR (WOWZA) anniversary!

-Kyle and I saw Wicked! A-mazing!

-Gabe decided he no longer needs to sleep at any time of the day.

-Elle & Gabe have been struck with the random fever/sore throat that has gone around.

-I have fall allergies.

-Kyle started football with the Bethany guys.

-We started searching for our next house but...we can't do anything about it until we sell ours, so...

-Our house will be back up on the market, soon.

-We visited the apple orchard.  The last year for Minnesota Harvest.  It was a BUST!  Last year was so much better! But, to make up for it...

-We're going to Sever's Corn Maze for Gabe's birthday which means...

-Gabe turns 2 the end of next month!

-We are counting down the days for our small but much needed vacation.  Lots of sleeping in doing nothing.

At some point I will update information and get some pictures up from the orchard.  In the mean time, enjoy the first day of fall.

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