This Crazy Circus of Ours

 Kyle and were married September 10th, 2005, 30 years and 1 day after my parent's were married.  I love that fact about us.  We knew each other for a grand total of 8 months before we were engaged, spent a year engaged, and have enjoyed every minute since the day we met.  We have faced challenges many faced before us; unemployment, housing market crash, balancing life, toddlers.  Kyle now works as a middle school and high school English teacher while I stay home and try to educate our own children in between Zumba classes.

 Elle (Ellianna Evangeline) was born February 9th, 2007, 3 days after my birthday and on my Grandma Ralcie's birthday.  She is and always has been amazingly intelligent.  She loves being a big sister, dancing, singing, reading, and all things girl.  She is incredibly responsible and oh-so mature for her age.  She speaks truth and will call things as she sees them.  We lovingly call her our Elle Belle which in French means "beautiful girl."  She is just that, both inside and out.  She's turning into such a beautiful young lady.
 Gabe (Gabriel Isaac) joined us October 31st, 2008.  His birthday just screams trouble, and he is.  Gabe always keeps us on our toes and is known as our little McGyver.  He'll let you think he doesn't know what's going on but while he's flashing those big beautiful eyes at you he's concocting a plan.  Our Bubbie keeps growing and shows such a huge heart.  He wants everyone to win and doesn't like seeing anyone sad or hurting.  It's been such a privilege to watch him grow into a young man.

Reesie-Roo (Reese Helena) was forced out October 12th, 2012.  She is spunky, quite the punk and loved by everyone.  She has so much life and loves her siblings.  As she continues to grow we see so many similarities between her and Gabe and boy do they know it.  These two are some crazy trouble makers.  We're excited to see how she grows and aprehensive to see her attitude grow with her.

Ty (Tyras James) was the last to join us on January 27th, 2014.  He has made our family complete so far.  He is our Chubbs, our Ty Guy and the one that will hopefully manage this circus.  He seems to have more to say each day, no doubt trying to get a word in between his brother and sisters.  He cleans up and makes sure we're all in line. 

**Thank you NoemiPhotography for the amazing photos, as always.**