This 'n That

Well it has been WEEKS with nothing, and what have we done you ask?  Well...

Gabe turned 2.  The party was great.  See Big Baby Boy for the tiny blog on his birthday.  It was a fun time and we'll probably make it yearly.  It's a great place for families and everyone was SO nice.

A friend of mine and I went to see a "dance" show the following Friday (11/5).  I say "dance" because it was less dance and more her and I laughing our bottoms off at what was being attempted.  I felt horrible but the interpretations were not getting across.  So sad.  Hey, we had a good time.

That Saturday, the kids had dance, of course.  Then, I got to spend some time with my girls.  I lurv my girls.  They rock.  And when I say, "they rock" I mean, they ROCK!  Two of our gals are preggo and expecting pretty much NOW.  They are both having their second girls so they are good on things they need but we can't pass up an opportunity for a par-tay.  So...we took them for lunch and pedicures.  Yeah, it pretty much rocked.  We do what we do: laughed, ate, laughed, had people look at us weird, laughed.  Have I mentioned I love my girls?! :)

Sunday was daylight savings but we didn't get to sleep in.  Boo hoo.  It's okay, we went to a prophetic training meeting at Bethany.  WAY better.  Then we went to the service then did some grocery shopping.  We had a showing at 1:30 so we had to stall.  We had Bethany "The Praying Church" small group at our house that night as well.  Good group of people.

Last week flew by.  Friday I was finally able to get my hair trimmed.  Feels so good.  Then we went to my brothers and played Kinect.  Now if you haven't heard of this I seriously suggest you check it out.  Mass hilarity.  It was great.  Kyle and I were hobbling when we were leaving we were so sore.  Now THAT'S how a video game should be.

Saturday we had dance for the kids again, of course, and SNOW!
That morning Elle's song was, "It's going to be a good day because there is snow!"  Ah to be 3 1/2.  After dance I was suppose to bring the kids down to Kyle's parents' house but the snow was so horrid I wasn't sure I'd make it down there and back home with enough time to get ready for the wedding we were suppose to be at.  Some very kind and generous friends offered to take the kids down since they live in Burnsville and "it only makes sense" or something along those lines.  So I was able to go home, get ready, and prep Kyle's attire for the evening since he had to shovel at work.  We were only slightly late for the wedding but we weren't the last ones.  We had a BLAST at the reception.  If Kinect didn't make our legs hurt enough Friday night, all the dancing Saturday definitely did it.  We were there until the closed up shop.  Such fun.

Sunday we had Church and small group again.  I was in with the toddlers during the service which I was hesitant about due to the severity of my muscle aches but those toddlers helped me out so much.  I was able to recover in no time.

This Monday, Gabe had is 2 year check up.  He's doing well and he was so well behaved I think my jaw was on the floor.  He's actually been such a great boy lately.  His protesting at bed time has decreased, thank you Jesus.  Kyle and I are actually able to see him process some things now.  A friend of mine said Gabe's only goals right now are to eat and grow, he'll get to the processing and development later.  It's so true but this last week has been great.  Every night this week he comes home and plays ALL BY HIMSELF with his legos.  I love legos.  So does Gabe.

My loud, crazy boy SITS and says the colors and creates things.  He's not JUST tearing things apart anymore.  He's building now!  YAY!  Oh no but that's not all.  Then, get this, then he CLEANED UP!  We asked ONCE!  I know!  Then, yep it gets better, then, he went to bed and STAYED THERE.  I know!  Kyle and I can take fairly little credit as we are sure it's all God.  I'm sure God and Gabe had a little chat and God said, "Listen Gabriel, do you think you could cut your parents some slack?  They're pretty tired."  And Gabe said he could oblige.  I'm so glad.

Oh and the showing, they're interested.  It's an investor so we'll see what happens and they are in no rush but I sure would like it if God got us out of here before Christmas.  That would be one of the best Christmas presents EVER.  He's got a plan and that's been evident from day one so we're just waiting to see what he does.  It's been interesting (did you know Minnesotans say "interesting" more than any other state?  Interesting isn't it?).  

Okay, one story on Elle then I'll be done.  Tonight I suggested rice and veggies for dinner and Elle's response was, "I'm gunna go with no."  I couldn't even be mad because this is exactly the answer I give her all to often. I just laughed.  It was good.

Also, if you have an Black Friday suggestions or tips, PLEASE share them, I'm thinking of taking on the madness this year.  EEK!


Big Baby Boy

Two days ago my baby boy turned 2!  He's growing up.  Whether I'm ready or not, he's growing up.

We started out Sunday morning, Gabe's birthday, with our regular Sunday morning routine.  Sunday church at Bethany.  He joined the 2 year olds this time instead of the 1 year olds what with him being 2 and all.

After church we ran a couple errands with the hopes that the kids would nap in the car for a while.  We thought it unnecessary to drive from Bloomington to Minneapolis back down to Shakopee within 2 hours.  Just a bunch of silliness really so we stayed in the southwest metro.

Around 1:30 we got to Sever's Corn Maze which is SUCH a cool place.  We determined we may just have to make this a yearly tradition for Gabe's birthday.  There wasn't a crazy ridiculous amount of people there but it wasn't completely dead either.  It was just right.  All the staff were very nice too.

We had Gingerbread cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese filling (#28).  SOOOOO good.

Then we topped them with hot wheels since Gabe's birthday was ALL about cars!

He got some cool toys and sweet clothes (Thank you guests).

Played in a corn pit.  Kyle had just as much fun as the kids and we are still finding corn!

After the party we went to a friend of ours and took the kids trick-or-treating.

      There were Bees                  and race cars, OH MY!
     "Imma B, Imma B."                       "Da-dow!"
and princesses
"We'll know when it's enough." 

By the end of the night, we were all feeling like this!

Happy birthday to my big boy Gabe.  You may drive us crazy, but we love you and we're thinkin' there will be a pretty excellent pay off in the future - like a great kid.