Big Baby Boy

Two days ago my baby boy turned 2!  He's growing up.  Whether I'm ready or not, he's growing up.

We started out Sunday morning, Gabe's birthday, with our regular Sunday morning routine.  Sunday church at Bethany.  He joined the 2 year olds this time instead of the 1 year olds what with him being 2 and all.

After church we ran a couple errands with the hopes that the kids would nap in the car for a while.  We thought it unnecessary to drive from Bloomington to Minneapolis back down to Shakopee within 2 hours.  Just a bunch of silliness really so we stayed in the southwest metro.

Around 1:30 we got to Sever's Corn Maze which is SUCH a cool place.  We determined we may just have to make this a yearly tradition for Gabe's birthday.  There wasn't a crazy ridiculous amount of people there but it wasn't completely dead either.  It was just right.  All the staff were very nice too.

We had Gingerbread cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese filling (#28).  SOOOOO good.

Then we topped them with hot wheels since Gabe's birthday was ALL about cars!

He got some cool toys and sweet clothes (Thank you guests).

Played in a corn pit.  Kyle had just as much fun as the kids and we are still finding corn!

After the party we went to a friend of ours and took the kids trick-or-treating.

      There were Bees                  and race cars, OH MY!
     "Imma B, Imma B."                       "Da-dow!"
and princesses
"We'll know when it's enough." 

By the end of the night, we were all feeling like this!

Happy birthday to my big boy Gabe.  You may drive us crazy, but we love you and we're thinkin' there will be a pretty excellent pay off in the future - like a great kid.

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Vicki said...

Love this! Thank you taking the time to share the events of the day with pictorials and literature!