Today We're Being Very Quiet

Today was a business casual day at work.

Guess who didn't remember until I was half way up the stairs to their desk this morning?

To top it off, my hair has remnants of bonfire smell.  I am so winning the best employee award today, I don't care what anyone says.


The Link

Don't worry.  I haven't fallen off the earth.  I was however, busy finding the connection between my sleep patterns and the level of my morning sickness.  According to recent studies, my recent studies, I need to get between 10 - 12 hours of sleep each night in order to feel well the next day.  If this were baby #1 you can see how this would be less of a problem.  This is in fact baby #3 so I am faced with the other motherly tasks that I must complete.

First pregnancies are so wonderful aren't they.  Aside from all the joyous pregnancy "symptoms".  Most of the time in your first pregnancy you can combat them when you need to.  If you don't feel well or are exhausted you can take a nap.  If you need to vomit you can cozy up to the toilet or your favorite bowl.  You can have whatever you want for breakfast, lunch or dinner and who cares what anyone thinks if you eat pizza 5 days in a row.  You can be active when you want to be and you can lay low when you want to.

After that sweet and precious baby #1 we don't really get that option anymore do we?  Of course we wouldn't trade that sweet darling for anything, except maybe a nap (I'm kidding!).

I remember being pregnant with my second, Elle was about 1 1/2 and a friend of mine was pregnant with her first.  We were swapping stories and I remember talking about how I just wanted to break down and cry one day or maybe my friend was sharing how she did and I had said I didn't have that option.  Well that's not entirely true I suppose.  I could become a mess of tears but my 1 1/2 year old would only join me.  Then I'd have 2 crying babies to deal with.

It is helpful that Elle and Gabe are older this time around.  Elle is 5 and Gabe is 3 1/2.  The understand most of the things I tell them.  Elle is a huge help and sometimes I only have to say things once to Gabe.  He came up behind me one morning getting ready for dance and threw his arms around my neck, one of those hug wrestle things boys do.  I'm not sure if I detached him before I ran to the toilet or after I got there.  We had a small talk about not putting pressure on, or breathing near, my neck or I will, as Gabe says, "grow up."  It's so sweet.  Elle was behind me, Gabe was in front and Elle put her hands on my shoulders and Gabe got all defensive.  Such a punkin'.

Like moms before me, I have motherly duties and household duties I must complete.  I have a job I must go to and expectations I must meet.  So, as you can clearly see I have two options before me; 1) become a hermit and see people again in 6-8 months after I have an opportunity to adjust, or 2) power through!

You know what's going to be really fun?  When Kyle starts classes in 2 weeks again he's gone Monday - Thursday nights.  If anyone wants to bring meals or take my children for a short period of time there will be a sign up sheet.  More and more I'm thinking the napping house is a good idea, except for that pesky fly.


The Best Part of Waking Up...

Is having coffee in my cup again.

For too long I have ignored my magical Keurig and the lonely K-cups sitting in their tree.  I have not been able to partake of the delicious first sip that wakes me up in the morning and warms my insides.

Oh coffee, how I have missed you.  Thank you for not turning your back on me.  You are a true friend dear coffee.


A Fresh Do

Elle has beautiful long bright blond hair.

Beautiful right.

Somehow I have managed to trim her hair for 5 years and avoid the horrible curious-toddler-with-scissors predicament.  At least until now I had.

Elle has taken to cutting paper and accidentally cut a bit of her hair in the process.  About 5 inches off the left side sort of in the front.  Groan.  This I could not save.  To the salon we go.  Her first time.

I was positive she would walk out with a bob and this was sad to me for many reasons; 1)Her hair is so beautiful and long I just don't want to have it chopped; 2)Her dance recital is in just over a month and a half and I'd really appreciate it if her hair would fit in a pony tail; 3)Family pictures the end of June; and 4)I didn't want to walk out of the salon with matching hair cuts as much as I love the movie Hairspray I just didn't want to live that scene.

Yesterday I left work early and picked up Elle to end to the LifeSpa at Lifetime Fitness is Savage thanks to a great referral!  They were so nice and accommodating.  I was mortified when I walked up to the front desk, looked at my daughters beautiful hair and saw what looked like a raisin smashed at the crown of her head.  It wasn't just smashed, it was IN her hair like some one rubbed this gooy thing into her head.  We still have no idea what it was.  I felt so bad thank goodness I can blame it on Kyle (love you honey!).  So Elle got a nice little shampoo as well as a hair cut yesterday.

I spoke with Tammi, the lovely woman who cut Elle's hair and explained that if we can we'd really like to keep the length but if not I understand. 

So, Elle sat in her chair with Tammi treating her like a princess and I sat in my chair with Emilie treating me every so nicely as well.  It was very fun.  Too bad I didn't schedule some manicures for us as well.

Elle got to keep her hair, well most of it anyway.  I can still tell where the chop is but one of my friends assures me its really not noticeable.  I hope she's not just trying to make me feel better.

Still beautiful.

Thanks LifeSpa.



Oh its for real.  Maybe I don't have to seek psychiatric help for my fear but it is completely irrational and at times apparently hilarious to my husband.

Every winter and spring I experience a rude awaking to my fear.  I'm completely aware of the statistic that there is always a spider within 3 feet of you and my goodness that is disgusting but I'm also very childlike and if I can't see it, it doesn't exist, or at least doesn't pose a threat.

If I'm alone or its just me and the kids, a very heavy shoe is my weapon of choice.  I can't use a plain old tissue because then I can feel the crunch and that's just nasty.  Plus I want to make sure I've gotten it.  What if my tissue missed it then I've just upset the spider?! Surely he will race after me in an attempt to devour me!  Then what will become of my children!  After confirmation of death, the poor thing gets scooped up and flushed.  I don't want to run the risk of it coming back to life.  If it did, the aforementioned race and devouring would surely take place.

My husband takes a much different approach.  He grabs a cup or container of some sort, a note pad, and traps the thing.  He carefully slides the note pad under the container and carries the creature outside for a peaceful release.  Usually my response is, "He'll be back tomorrow and he's going to be made I kicked him out."  I'm pretty sure Kyle has rolled his eyes at this most times, and rightfully so.

I spent hours one night before bed tracking the slow and steady progress of a very small, I confess, spider on its way from our ceiling, down to the desk, on to the desk chair, to the floor, and creepy crawly closer to my bed.  It was clear anytime he would stop moving for more than 5 minutes that he was re-planning his attack since he saw I was watching.  By the time he got within 3 feet of me the order was given to have him removed.  Thanks Kyle!  I didn't see him return the next day.

I remember my mom trying to "appreciate" spiders so I wouldn't develop a fear as well.  I'm not sure if her feelings are quite as strong as mine against spiders but she did try.  I'm not sure if I've even tried to express appreciation for spiders with Elle and Gabe.  I think I have squished far less when they are around, of course I keep my eye on the spider to make sure it doesn't draw a sword and charge.  They do that you know.

Twice in the last month I have apparently barged in on a garden spider making use of our bathroom.  How rude of me.  The first one was immediately squished and disposed of (toilet).  The second, just this last week, was a bit more challenging.  He took up residence in our sink.  The porcelain doesn't allow them to climb quite as well, but that does give them a creepier crawlier look.  Having been educated by my husband and the song Itsy Bitsy Spider, I knew the spider wouldn't drown in my sink but the angle was too awkward for a direct attack.  I regret that I hurt the planet twice that day; I ran the water for quite some time to ensure he at least wouldn't return while I was doing my business and its possible the spider was disposed of in the mean time.  Okay I don't regret it because I just can't stand them but I do apologize to my "green" friends.

Do you have an irrational fear you attempt to hide from you children in hopes of breaking the cycle?  Just remember how intuitive most kids are.  Just saying. :)


Do You Want To Know

In just less than a month Kyle and I will have our mid-way ultrasound for baby #3.  YAY!

When we were pregnant with Elle we were sure it was a girl so the ultrasound was almost pointless.  Okay, it wasn't pointless since we got to see our little baby.

With Gabe, I won't lie, I shed a little tear of fear having a boy.  Love him SO much now.

With #3, we're not finding out. Tee hee.

I have friends that have found out and friends that have been surprised.  Kyle and I love our girl and we love our boy.  We figure with one of each, we're good either way at this point.

What would you do?  Would you want to know?


Cracker Barrel

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to The Cracker Barrel.  My husband has assured me I am odd for living in Minnesota my entire life and not having visited this magical place.  I didn't really see what the big deal was.  Until I went inside and discovered the shop!

I love giant mugs!  If only it said tea.

A giant Mr. Goodbar?!?  Heaven on earth!

I remember eating this as a kid. 
The taste was not good but man were the commercials excellent.

Add your own kid-in-a-candy-store comments. 

I will definitely be back, more for the shop then the food but to each his own.  I'll stick with my chocolate and candy and you can have your meat and gravy.


In Full Swing

I am in full swing preparing for the baby shower of a dear friend.  If you've read my blog before you know I LOVE this.  You know I LOVE planning parties and I LOVE investing the time in all the details that will make my friends smile.  The details that they may not even notice but would miss if they weren't there.

If you know me, you also know I can't stand messes and disorganized, cluttered areas.  So when you combine my love for party planning and my love for organization, it can get a little interesting.

My small desk is currently maxed out with...

 paint; tubes and small cans...

and odd clothes pin/popsicle contraptions.

My printer is doubling as a shelf holding other goodies for the party...

and yet to be panted clothes pins and popsicle sticks are waiting.

Unmanned scissors beckon to my 3 and 5 year old, "it'll be fun to try cutting your hair."

 My lame attempt at presorting only brings bags of items instead of piles.

Stamps have been recovered from the pit of my scrap booking bin and are anxious to be used.

The only thing resembling sanity on my desk is the chicken scratched list of party to-do's.  Some items even have a check mark next to them if not a full on line through them.

The other day I was trying to work at my desk and informed my husband I need a bigger desk.  From the bedroom he mockingly replied, "Honey, you need a workstation."  It's sad, but it's true.  Maybe planning my workstation will be my next project.

How do you stay organized among all the insanity?


Remember Last Summer

Do you remember last summer.


Yeah we liked last summer too.

We liked it so much we've signed up for Noemi's Mini Sessions again.  I mean why not right?!  Noemi has a fantastic way of capturing each individual in a way that reflects them.  She has a gift that is amazing and she knows how to use it.  The mini sessions are perfect and a great introduction to Noemi.  And the location this summer!  Check out the post on her blog and sign up quickly because spots are filling up. 

We'll be there...will you?


Save The Date

On Thursday, May 3rd Wild Ruffle is having her second Pop Up Shop.

If you went to the first you know how excellent this event is and that its one not to miss.  If you couldn't make the last one, talk to some one that did!

This time its lining up all down Main Street in Prior Lake.  Imagine it!  Not just one room full of goodies but a whole street with a bunch of stores and delicious goodies.  I can hardly wait and its not even a month away.

I'd love for this to be a girls night out but its so great I'm going to go solo if I have to because I just HAVE to be there.  Really, you do to.

Check out the vendors for the Pop Up Shop and stay tuned to Wild Ruffle's blog.  She's introducing us to the vendors prior to the big night.  I just love pre-shopping!


When all you can do is the impossible

I am constantly amazed at all the things my kids can do but when you have a girl first, then a boy, your boy is pretty much doomed. 

Since girls typically develop earlier they are usually able to do things sooner then their baby brothers.  I have been aware of this but I frequently underestimate the differences.

For instance, Gabe is 3 and will crumble in to a pile helpless because a matchbox car is too heavy when its time to clean up.  Or he will suddenly loose all of his fingers and his ability to remove his shoes.  Or his feet suddenly gain 20 pounds and he is unable to lift them out of his pant leg that is around his ankle.  Its quite hilarious and an entertaining sight to say the least.  Motivation for boys is completely different and it cracks me up and drives me crazy.

So my question today is, what do you do when all your son can do is the "impossible"? 

He can't pick up a matchbox car but he can take a full gallon of milk out of the refrigerator for cereal in the morning.  He can't remove his shoes but he can take his step stool out of his room and get himself a banana, peal it, sit at the table and obediently eat it when no one is around to see.  He can't take is legs out of his pants but he can rummage through the pantry for some wheat thins to bring back to bed with him for a morning snack.  He can't draw a smiley face on a piece of paper with a crayon but he's created an entire design for a rocket with dry erase markers on our couch.

And the best one and my favorite, he will lie about going potty in his diaper but will fess up when he is guilty and we've incorrectly accused his sister because there is clearly no way Gabe could have done these things.

It's all true!

So what do you do when your son skips the possible and can only do the "impossible"?


Today's Out Of Office Response

I'm having one of those mornings in pregnancy.

With both Elle and Gabe the nausea lasted well up to half way through the pregnancy.  Aside from that I'd say they were lovely.  With Elle there were very few trips to the nausea tank.  With Gabe, there were a few more.  With this one, good gracious I feel like there are weeks I can't get away from it!  Today is one of those days.

We'll see how the day progress but its becoming comparable to food poisoning or the stomach flu.

So if you try to reach me today, you may receive this out of office response...

"You've reached the email/voicemail/text messaging system/Facebook Page/Blog of Me.  Today is Tuesday April 10th, at least it was the last time my head was above the rim of the toilet, and I'm unavailable to return your email/take your call/message you back/like your comment as one hand is currently holding back my hair and the other is bracing me while I attempt a maneuver which can only be resembled by newborn projectile vomit.  In about 10 minutes I should resurface for a 20 minute break.  If you feel your request can be resolved with in this 20 minute break I will attempt to return your form of communication.  Please plan for only 10 minutes as I cannot guarantee a full 20 minutes between "episodes". 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

I should return to the world tomorrow, April 11th, unless of course I have to wait until my 20 week mark, in which case I will see you the end of May.

Have a nice day."


Egg Roll Not Eggroll

Did you grow up with traditions that didn't seem weird until you were an adult?  It wasn't until a few years ago I realized the oddity of my family's Easter Egg Roll.  That's Egg Roll not eggroll.  While there is still food involved, the results are quite different.

The tradition started long before my time and the stories continue to get passed down.  My mom and aunts participated when they were wee ones I believe.  Of course it could also be possible that the tradition is so old, no one really remembers.  Okay, I doubt its that old.  Nonetheless, at Easter we color eggs for a completely different reason then our neighbors.

There are techniques, theories, and trophies.  There is the exchange of money and one year there was even egg insurance.  Albeit, the egg insurance was a huge loss but its serious.  I remember one of my cousins hollowing out his egg and filling it with bee bees.

The roll starts with a placement round.  All individuals roll their eggs down the egg ramp; youngest to oldest.  The technique is vital.  If you colored your egg with a medium that was too sticky, your egg will stick to your fingers and could roll end over end down the ramp providing the  "crack crack crack" sound effects all the way down the ramp.  This, sadly, was the undoing of this years almost champ.  Sorry Tasha, but your demise was ever so dramatic and beautiful.  Well played.

Its very important to place your egg with the ends out and you must determine to which side of the "field" you want your egg to go.  Since eggs aren't perfectly round they do not roll straight.  If we were just rolling the eggs this would not be important but you see, after the placement round, the money comes in to play. 

Eggs remain on the field through the entirety of the game, until they are eliminated (we'll get to that in a minute).  The next round of rolls begins.  Youngest to oldest we again roll our eggs down the ramp.  If we hit an egg, they owe us a whopping quarter since they were in our way you see.  I wish it worked that way in real life sometimes.  The goal is to have the egg that travels the farthest.  We play a couple "payment" rounds with everyone.  Quarters are flying.  Grandkids are confused about asking the Grandparents for money; we were always told NOT to take Grandma and Grandpa's money growing up but its fair game at the egg roll.  There is laughing.  There is crying (from dramatic collisions).  There is anxiety.  The youngest are 3 years old.  Their lack of awareness of 20 colored eggs on a living room floor can be catastrophic.

There are now three leagues; Young (The Mama and the Papa, the Aunts and Uncles); Younger (the grandkids), and Youngest (the babes/most great grandkids).  All of the youngest win (chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil-the best prize for 3 and 5 year olds).  There is only one winner from the young and the younger leagues.  Players will compete for years for a chance to get their name engraved (okay its just  permanent marker) on the ramp.  There are upsets.  There are pep talks.  Eggs are named.  There is even spirit gear.  Well not really but my brother did match his egg this year.  Quite hilarious.

It's absolute insanity.  Not just to watch the activity but the activity itself.  Who on earth rolls an egg down a ramp, collects money for hitting another egg, then gets a trophy for rolling it the greatest distance?

I love my family!

 Measuring for the elimination.

 Documenting the 2012 winners.

 The 2012 winners.  Guest Lynne and Married-In Competitor Kyle.

 The history.

Don't be scared little egg.  Your destiny awaits. 

This year there was talk of adding a hidious jacket for the winner.  We'll have to see what happens next year.


"Good" Friday

Many of us celebrate Good Friday.  Many of us know what we are celebrating on Good Friday.  Many of us know why we call it "good".  How many of us have struggled with that?

It is good that we have a savior.  It is good Jesus came to die on the cross so we may have eternal life.  Grace is good.

The struggle that can occur is between good and death.  Do we celebrate death?  Do we really see death as good?  At some point we have all known some one that is ready, but when their time comes do we celebrate their death?

No.  We rejoice in their life!

We take joy in having been fortunate enough to know them, to commune with them, to share our lives with them.  We celebrate their life and the grace they receive.

Today is good.  Today we celebrate the life of Jesus.  Perhaps this is a spoiler alert, but the best part

He's still alive!


Out of Control

I LOVE to plan parties.  I out-of-control love to plan parties.  It's a problem.

I was working on an invitation for a baby shower and had to show it off to a friend of mine and she asked me if I was planning a baby shower for myself.  No but her question was legitimate.  I love planning parties so much I would create a reason to have a party just so I could plan it, even if the party was never going to happen.

This is a problem because I do not have the means to throw a party I would plan.  I have grandiose ideas with perfect little details here and there.  I envision color schemes, themes, party favors, food, drinks, the whole deal.

I'm missing a very vital piece of the equation; the 2 pennies I need to rub together to fun my magnificent operations.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and the creativity gene from my family that didn't skip me.

It has been mentioned, by more than one person, that party planning is what I should do.  Wouldn't that be delightful.  If there are any party planners out there that are looking to hire, please contact me.  I'd love a career change.

I'm in the midst of working with 2 of my very good friends to throw a baby shower for another friend of ours.  I think baby showers are one of the best parties to coordinate and throw.  Stay tuned for all the details.


The Amazing Grandpa George

We were expecting both my mom, Grandma Vicki, and my dad, Grandpa George, to be coming home to MN for Easter this year.  It was going to be a very short trip.

Yesterday I got a call from my dad saying he wasn't going to be able to make it.  An email from my mom later that evening informed us that while dad still wouldn't be able to join us for Easter the reason for his inability to join us changed.

My dad contracts out for 30 day "deployments" if you will to Texas to help manage insurance claims from storms and tornadoes.  My mom informed us that dad just got called due to the 6-13 tornadoes they just had last night!

As I was putting the kids to bed last night I was telling them that Grandpa George wouldn't be able to come visit because he had to go help the people whose homes were ruined by the tornadoes.

Gabe, reclined in his bed, his little head resting on his fist says, "Grandpa has to go fight the tomatoes."

Then Elle from the top bunk says, "Gabe, no one can fight tornadoes."

Let it be known,  no one can fight tornadoes, but the Amazing Grandpa George is really good at fighting tomatoes.


Weighing My Options

5 years ago when I was pregnant with Elle we found out she was breach.  We did what we could to get her to flip naturally but she apparently just loved listening to my heartbeat, at least that's what I'm telling myself.  We ended up having a c-section with Elle since she was breach and the position of the umbilical cord was not safe.  It was fine.  I had a great c-section. Recovery was beautiful.  The only drawback I had was literally bursting at the seams laughing at my brother and dad only hours after the surgery.  Pretty sure my mom was ready to kick them out but that's part of why it was so funny.

When we had Gabe we were pretty much told we should just do a repeat c-section.  I don't remember where I heard this but I remember feeling like it really wasn't much of a choice.  Since my previous c-section was so wonderful I didn't see any problem with that.  Gabe was born via c-section as well.  Again, recovery was beautiful but with less splitting of the new seams.

After Gabe was born I almost immediately regretted having a second c-section.  Not because they were difficult for me but for precisely the opposite reason.  They were easy.  Too easy.  Don't get me wrong the giant needle in the back has a slight pinch to it and the tugging and dry heaving on the operating table has its negatives with pressure on your chest as if a giant elephant were sitting on you, but aside from that, meh.

I think a big part of it for me was that I had to birth story to tell the kids.  It's exciting to have a child either way but there was no, "we rushed to the hospital," or, "the poor people at Target had to call your father."  Nope.  We showed up at the hospital at our scheduled time, they cut me open, you can out.  The end.  Well, really its the beginning but you know what I mean.

I've been told multiple times I'm insane for "wanting" labor but isn't that part of the deal?  Don't we sign up for it when we say, "I'm ready for a child."  I am insane but I've known that for awhile.

Well three years have passed since our little Gaberino entered the world and now we are facing a third delivery.  I've thought about attempting actual labor with this one but have been told over and over it is VERY unlikely anyone would be willing to attempt it after two c-sections.  Yesterday I was given hope.

The doctor that delivered Elle and Gabe has since retired.  That was a sad day for us, we loved him.  He was almost like a real-life Dr. House.  It was hilarious.  We have since found a new doctor and he is excellent as well.  Apparently he is even buddies with our old OB; of course.  He told me the V-BAC was possible.  Did you hear a chorus of angels?!?!?!  Fine I'm exaggerating but still!

He did explain that 9 out of 10 times they end up doing an emergency c-section anyway for repeats but that doesn't mean I can't try.  Such sweet words to hear for the last person I thought I would hear them from.

As he was leaving the office from the appointment he said with a smile, "remind mewhen we get closer to the due date and I'll write, 'she's crazy and would like a V-BAC,' in your chart.  Or, we could just hook you up to some pitocin for a while, THEN you can tell us you want the c-section."  It was great!  Had he not just told me I was a delight I would have been slightly offended but I know I'm crazy and I know he does want to help.

So, now I get to face the option.  Albeit, we may end up with an emergency c-section anyway and that would be fine.  Do I immediately schedule the c-section, or do I wait to see if I get my first birth story with my third beautiful baby?

What do you think?  If you don't have children which do you think you would pick?  If you have kids, and have had a c-section do you feel the same way?  If you had your kids the "normal" way, would you trade your birth story for an easier delivery?

Let me know, I need all the help I can get to stay sane. :)