Weighing My Options

5 years ago when I was pregnant with Elle we found out she was breach.  We did what we could to get her to flip naturally but she apparently just loved listening to my heartbeat, at least that's what I'm telling myself.  We ended up having a c-section with Elle since she was breach and the position of the umbilical cord was not safe.  It was fine.  I had a great c-section. Recovery was beautiful.  The only drawback I had was literally bursting at the seams laughing at my brother and dad only hours after the surgery.  Pretty sure my mom was ready to kick them out but that's part of why it was so funny.

When we had Gabe we were pretty much told we should just do a repeat c-section.  I don't remember where I heard this but I remember feeling like it really wasn't much of a choice.  Since my previous c-section was so wonderful I didn't see any problem with that.  Gabe was born via c-section as well.  Again, recovery was beautiful but with less splitting of the new seams.

After Gabe was born I almost immediately regretted having a second c-section.  Not because they were difficult for me but for precisely the opposite reason.  They were easy.  Too easy.  Don't get me wrong the giant needle in the back has a slight pinch to it and the tugging and dry heaving on the operating table has its negatives with pressure on your chest as if a giant elephant were sitting on you, but aside from that, meh.

I think a big part of it for me was that I had to birth story to tell the kids.  It's exciting to have a child either way but there was no, "we rushed to the hospital," or, "the poor people at Target had to call your father."  Nope.  We showed up at the hospital at our scheduled time, they cut me open, you can out.  The end.  Well, really its the beginning but you know what I mean.

I've been told multiple times I'm insane for "wanting" labor but isn't that part of the deal?  Don't we sign up for it when we say, "I'm ready for a child."  I am insane but I've known that for awhile.

Well three years have passed since our little Gaberino entered the world and now we are facing a third delivery.  I've thought about attempting actual labor with this one but have been told over and over it is VERY unlikely anyone would be willing to attempt it after two c-sections.  Yesterday I was given hope.

The doctor that delivered Elle and Gabe has since retired.  That was a sad day for us, we loved him.  He was almost like a real-life Dr. House.  It was hilarious.  We have since found a new doctor and he is excellent as well.  Apparently he is even buddies with our old OB; of course.  He told me the V-BAC was possible.  Did you hear a chorus of angels?!?!?!  Fine I'm exaggerating but still!

He did explain that 9 out of 10 times they end up doing an emergency c-section anyway for repeats but that doesn't mean I can't try.  Such sweet words to hear for the last person I thought I would hear them from.

As he was leaving the office from the appointment he said with a smile, "remind mewhen we get closer to the due date and I'll write, 'she's crazy and would like a V-BAC,' in your chart.  Or, we could just hook you up to some pitocin for a while, THEN you can tell us you want the c-section."  It was great!  Had he not just told me I was a delight I would have been slightly offended but I know I'm crazy and I know he does want to help.

So, now I get to face the option.  Albeit, we may end up with an emergency c-section anyway and that would be fine.  Do I immediately schedule the c-section, or do I wait to see if I get my first birth story with my third beautiful baby?

What do you think?  If you don't have children which do you think you would pick?  If you have kids, and have had a c-section do you feel the same way?  If you had your kids the "normal" way, would you trade your birth story for an easier delivery?

Let me know, I need all the help I can get to stay sane. :)


Kaylee said...

"She's crazy and would like a V-BAC in your chart" - oh my word, you had me cracking up all over the place with that one! I had both babes the "normal" way (even with Z being over 10 lbs..yikes!) and I wouldn't trade it, but that's just me! I'd say, if you are that interested and willing, go for it! Try it! Worst that happens is an emergency C-section, right? And you got those down pat :)

Noemi Hedrick said...

I'm praying the Lord makes it obvious and either way you and the baby are safe through the labor process!

ElissaM said...

Honestly, I don't think a C-section is an "easier" delivery. I didn't have one, but I witnessed several in nursing school and they are anything but gentle. I am glad you had a good recovery, because abdominal surgeries are tough! I think you have the right attitude and are normal for wanting to try a vaginal birth. You are a healthy young mom with normal pregnancies (right?) so there shouldn't be an issue with you at least trying! It is good that your doc is open either way, and will support you, makes a world of difference! I pray that the pregnancy goes smoothly as well as the birth-either way;-)

Green with Envy said...

Of course, I looked at this via the Mayo Clinic's great site and by the Merck Manual. Apparently, 60-80% of women that opt for VBAC sucessfully deliver that way. And the best indicator here is that your doctor is supportive of the idea -- the guidelines I saw were "women with two previous low transverse cesarean deliveries may be considered candidates for TOLAC (trial of labour after cesarean)" but that it was up to the doctor's discretion whether to recommend it. He does, you want to try, you're being delivered in a well equipped hospital that could easily switch you to C section if needs be, so why not?

The Mayo article is pretty good: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/vbac/MY01143 if you want a look, also, I read that they won't induce you if you're hoping for VBAC, so there won't be any scheduling involved... maybe the poor people at Target really will have to call Kyle :D