When all you can do is the impossible

I am constantly amazed at all the things my kids can do but when you have a girl first, then a boy, your boy is pretty much doomed. 

Since girls typically develop earlier they are usually able to do things sooner then their baby brothers.  I have been aware of this but I frequently underestimate the differences.

For instance, Gabe is 3 and will crumble in to a pile helpless because a matchbox car is too heavy when its time to clean up.  Or he will suddenly loose all of his fingers and his ability to remove his shoes.  Or his feet suddenly gain 20 pounds and he is unable to lift them out of his pant leg that is around his ankle.  Its quite hilarious and an entertaining sight to say the least.  Motivation for boys is completely different and it cracks me up and drives me crazy.

So my question today is, what do you do when all your son can do is the "impossible"? 

He can't pick up a matchbox car but he can take a full gallon of milk out of the refrigerator for cereal in the morning.  He can't remove his shoes but he can take his step stool out of his room and get himself a banana, peal it, sit at the table and obediently eat it when no one is around to see.  He can't take is legs out of his pants but he can rummage through the pantry for some wheat thins to bring back to bed with him for a morning snack.  He can't draw a smiley face on a piece of paper with a crayon but he's created an entire design for a rocket with dry erase markers on our couch.

And the best one and my favorite, he will lie about going potty in his diaper but will fess up when he is guilty and we've incorrectly accused his sister because there is clearly no way Gabe could have done these things.

It's all true!

So what do you do when your son skips the possible and can only do the "impossible"?

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