Out of Control

I LOVE to plan parties.  I out-of-control love to plan parties.  It's a problem.

I was working on an invitation for a baby shower and had to show it off to a friend of mine and she asked me if I was planning a baby shower for myself.  No but her question was legitimate.  I love planning parties so much I would create a reason to have a party just so I could plan it, even if the party was never going to happen.

This is a problem because I do not have the means to throw a party I would plan.  I have grandiose ideas with perfect little details here and there.  I envision color schemes, themes, party favors, food, drinks, the whole deal.

I'm missing a very vital piece of the equation; the 2 pennies I need to rub together to fun my magnificent operations.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and the creativity gene from my family that didn't skip me.

It has been mentioned, by more than one person, that party planning is what I should do.  Wouldn't that be delightful.  If there are any party planners out there that are looking to hire, please contact me.  I'd love a career change.

I'm in the midst of working with 2 of my very good friends to throw a baby shower for another friend of ours.  I think baby showers are one of the best parties to coordinate and throw.  Stay tuned for all the details.

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Vicki said...

You ROCK!!! at planning parties!! People should hire you for their events. :o)