The Amazing Grandpa George

We were expecting both my mom, Grandma Vicki, and my dad, Grandpa George, to be coming home to MN for Easter this year.  It was going to be a very short trip.

Yesterday I got a call from my dad saying he wasn't going to be able to make it.  An email from my mom later that evening informed us that while dad still wouldn't be able to join us for Easter the reason for his inability to join us changed.

My dad contracts out for 30 day "deployments" if you will to Texas to help manage insurance claims from storms and tornadoes.  My mom informed us that dad just got called due to the 6-13 tornadoes they just had last night!

As I was putting the kids to bed last night I was telling them that Grandpa George wouldn't be able to come visit because he had to go help the people whose homes were ruined by the tornadoes.

Gabe, reclined in his bed, his little head resting on his fist says, "Grandpa has to go fight the tomatoes."

Then Elle from the top bunk says, "Gabe, no one can fight tornadoes."

Let it be known,  no one can fight tornadoes, but the Amazing Grandpa George is really good at fighting tomatoes.

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Vicki said...

An amazing papa of amazing children and grandchildren.