A Fresh Do

Elle has beautiful long bright blond hair.

Beautiful right.

Somehow I have managed to trim her hair for 5 years and avoid the horrible curious-toddler-with-scissors predicament.  At least until now I had.

Elle has taken to cutting paper and accidentally cut a bit of her hair in the process.  About 5 inches off the left side sort of in the front.  Groan.  This I could not save.  To the salon we go.  Her first time.

I was positive she would walk out with a bob and this was sad to me for many reasons; 1)Her hair is so beautiful and long I just don't want to have it chopped; 2)Her dance recital is in just over a month and a half and I'd really appreciate it if her hair would fit in a pony tail; 3)Family pictures the end of June; and 4)I didn't want to walk out of the salon with matching hair cuts as much as I love the movie Hairspray I just didn't want to live that scene.

Yesterday I left work early and picked up Elle to end to the LifeSpa at Lifetime Fitness is Savage thanks to a great referral!  They were so nice and accommodating.  I was mortified when I walked up to the front desk, looked at my daughters beautiful hair and saw what looked like a raisin smashed at the crown of her head.  It wasn't just smashed, it was IN her hair like some one rubbed this gooy thing into her head.  We still have no idea what it was.  I felt so bad thank goodness I can blame it on Kyle (love you honey!).  So Elle got a nice little shampoo as well as a hair cut yesterday.

I spoke with Tammi, the lovely woman who cut Elle's hair and explained that if we can we'd really like to keep the length but if not I understand. 

So, Elle sat in her chair with Tammi treating her like a princess and I sat in my chair with Emilie treating me every so nicely as well.  It was very fun.  Too bad I didn't schedule some manicures for us as well.

Elle got to keep her hair, well most of it anyway.  I can still tell where the chop is but one of my friends assures me its really not noticeable.  I hope she's not just trying to make me feel better.

Still beautiful.

Thanks LifeSpa.

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