Today's Out Of Office Response

I'm having one of those mornings in pregnancy.

With both Elle and Gabe the nausea lasted well up to half way through the pregnancy.  Aside from that I'd say they were lovely.  With Elle there were very few trips to the nausea tank.  With Gabe, there were a few more.  With this one, good gracious I feel like there are weeks I can't get away from it!  Today is one of those days.

We'll see how the day progress but its becoming comparable to food poisoning or the stomach flu.

So if you try to reach me today, you may receive this out of office response...

"You've reached the email/voicemail/text messaging system/Facebook Page/Blog of Me.  Today is Tuesday April 10th, at least it was the last time my head was above the rim of the toilet, and I'm unavailable to return your email/take your call/message you back/like your comment as one hand is currently holding back my hair and the other is bracing me while I attempt a maneuver which can only be resembled by newborn projectile vomit.  In about 10 minutes I should resurface for a 20 minute break.  If you feel your request can be resolved with in this 20 minute break I will attempt to return your form of communication.  Please plan for only 10 minutes as I cannot guarantee a full 20 minutes between "episodes". 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

I should return to the world tomorrow, April 11th, unless of course I have to wait until my 20 week mark, in which case I will see you the end of May.

Have a nice day."

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Karla said...

I totally felt like I had the stomach flu for 20 weeks with Elise. If I wasn't barfing I just felt gross - all the time! Keep up the good (hard) work, Mama Stennes! We love you, feel for you in this trying part of making new life, and can't wait to love your new baby!!!