Cracker Barrel

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to The Cracker Barrel.  My husband has assured me I am odd for living in Minnesota my entire life and not having visited this magical place.  I didn't really see what the big deal was.  Until I went inside and discovered the shop!

I love giant mugs!  If only it said tea.

A giant Mr. Goodbar?!?  Heaven on earth!

I remember eating this as a kid. 
The taste was not good but man were the commercials excellent.

Add your own kid-in-a-candy-store comments. 

I will definitely be back, more for the shop then the food but to each his own.  I'll stick with my chocolate and candy and you can have your meat and gravy.


cate @ wild ruffle said...

I've never been either! Love your pictures of the gumball jars:)

Anonymous said...

These are a Southern Road Trip tradition. Welcome to a bit of the South moved above the Mason Dixon. (Did the waitress call you honey of suga? And did she ask if you liked your tea regular or unsweetened?)