"Good" Friday

Many of us celebrate Good Friday.  Many of us know what we are celebrating on Good Friday.  Many of us know why we call it "good".  How many of us have struggled with that?

It is good that we have a savior.  It is good Jesus came to die on the cross so we may have eternal life.  Grace is good.

The struggle that can occur is between good and death.  Do we celebrate death?  Do we really see death as good?  At some point we have all known some one that is ready, but when their time comes do we celebrate their death?

No.  We rejoice in their life!

We take joy in having been fortunate enough to know them, to commune with them, to share our lives with them.  We celebrate their life and the grace they receive.

Today is good.  Today we celebrate the life of Jesus.  Perhaps this is a spoiler alert, but the best part

He's still alive!

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