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Don't worry.  I haven't fallen off the earth.  I was however, busy finding the connection between my sleep patterns and the level of my morning sickness.  According to recent studies, my recent studies, I need to get between 10 - 12 hours of sleep each night in order to feel well the next day.  If this were baby #1 you can see how this would be less of a problem.  This is in fact baby #3 so I am faced with the other motherly tasks that I must complete.

First pregnancies are so wonderful aren't they.  Aside from all the joyous pregnancy "symptoms".  Most of the time in your first pregnancy you can combat them when you need to.  If you don't feel well or are exhausted you can take a nap.  If you need to vomit you can cozy up to the toilet or your favorite bowl.  You can have whatever you want for breakfast, lunch or dinner and who cares what anyone thinks if you eat pizza 5 days in a row.  You can be active when you want to be and you can lay low when you want to.

After that sweet and precious baby #1 we don't really get that option anymore do we?  Of course we wouldn't trade that sweet darling for anything, except maybe a nap (I'm kidding!).

I remember being pregnant with my second, Elle was about 1 1/2 and a friend of mine was pregnant with her first.  We were swapping stories and I remember talking about how I just wanted to break down and cry one day or maybe my friend was sharing how she did and I had said I didn't have that option.  Well that's not entirely true I suppose.  I could become a mess of tears but my 1 1/2 year old would only join me.  Then I'd have 2 crying babies to deal with.

It is helpful that Elle and Gabe are older this time around.  Elle is 5 and Gabe is 3 1/2.  The understand most of the things I tell them.  Elle is a huge help and sometimes I only have to say things once to Gabe.  He came up behind me one morning getting ready for dance and threw his arms around my neck, one of those hug wrestle things boys do.  I'm not sure if I detached him before I ran to the toilet or after I got there.  We had a small talk about not putting pressure on, or breathing near, my neck or I will, as Gabe says, "grow up."  It's so sweet.  Elle was behind me, Gabe was in front and Elle put her hands on my shoulders and Gabe got all defensive.  Such a punkin'.

Like moms before me, I have motherly duties and household duties I must complete.  I have a job I must go to and expectations I must meet.  So, as you can clearly see I have two options before me; 1) become a hermit and see people again in 6-8 months after I have an opportunity to adjust, or 2) power through!

You know what's going to be really fun?  When Kyle starts classes in 2 weeks again he's gone Monday - Thursday nights.  If anyone wants to bring meals or take my children for a short period of time there will be a sign up sheet.  More and more I'm thinking the napping house is a good idea, except for that pesky fly.

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Vicki said...

Oh, I so wish we were there to provide some relief and meals. Maybe the kids need another grandma/grandpa camp in Colorado! :o)