Do You Want To Know

In just less than a month Kyle and I will have our mid-way ultrasound for baby #3.  YAY!

When we were pregnant with Elle we were sure it was a girl so the ultrasound was almost pointless.  Okay, it wasn't pointless since we got to see our little baby.

With Gabe, I won't lie, I shed a little tear of fear having a boy.  Love him SO much now.

With #3, we're not finding out. Tee hee.

I have friends that have found out and friends that have been surprised.  Kyle and I love our girl and we love our boy.  We figure with one of each, we're good either way at this point.

What would you do?  Would you want to know?

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ElissaM said...

Yeah for notfinding out!!! We didn't find out with Everett and the outcome was a bit emotional since he was our last, but it was super fun not knowing! Just don't let the US techs say anything to you...I think two of them messed up on me and even though I called them out on it, what they said was right. Have fun with it!!!