"awfully fancy"

Recently I have been a bit more interested in "girly" things.  Jewelry, dressing fancy, etc.  Thanks to some fancy friends and the courage wildruffle has given me I'm slowly becoming more comfortable being "fancy.

Check her out! She's got some great, practical tips.
(we were playing Kinect)

So it's not bad but its not adventurous in the style department.  This is what I would typically wear, well, anywhere.
I got pretty today!

Pink wrap is from Charlotte Russe, last season.  I don't remember the price.
White tank top is from Express and was given to me from a friend.
The shoes, also Clothes Mentor for $14-Apostrophe.

The skirt was $6 from Clothes Mentor-Merona.

Earrings from Target I think?  Quite awhile ago though.

Normally I don't wear skirts, or earrings or heels!  I was fancy today!

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ElissaM said...

you are beautiful and it is fun to see you dressed up! I feel the need to dress up lately because I am surrounded by so much testosterone...