4 day vacation=not long enough

Last weekend Kyle and I went on a 4 day vacation to Las Vegas.  We have never been.  It was fun.

We ate a LOT of food!  GOOD food.
BEST.FRIES.EVER. from Le Burger Brasserie.

Breakfast at Payards.  Banana and nutella crepe=Delish!
All gone!

Super huge chocolate fountain (Jean Phillipe Chocolates).

Super delicious "intense" desserts.

Yummy cappuccino and new desert combinations: Raspberry, chocolate and KIWI.
Crazy right?! Crazy delicious!

We saw the fountains and the Belagio (really cool)..

 and saw Paris.

We rode in style (AKA the public bus).

We saw a show and "O" it was good.

We were silly...

and we got work done.

We had a good 4 days but we were ready to be home.  Now to plan for next year...we're thinking international...c/o J.B.

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