When I grow up

Well it certainly has been awhile.  Christmas and the New Years got the best of me apparently.  We had about a week to breath from New Years until school starting for me again and I’m diving in.  Astronomy and Marketing.  The work load evens out between the two of them so hopefully I’ll be okay.

It’s hard to believe our little baby Elle Belle will be three in less than a month!  We took her to her first dentist appointment today and she did GREAT!  Absolutely LOVED it!  She says she wants to be a doctor now.  I’d be okay with that but I won’t hold her to it.  She was just sick on Saturday so it’s good to see her feeling better again.

 We decided we’d go visit mom for Elle’s 3rd and my…birthday. J  It will just be a long weekend out there for some girl time.  Elle is very excited about it.  In the morning she asks where we’re going and usually in this order.  “Are we going to Uncle Ryan’s?”  No.  “Are we going to Grandma & Grandpa’s?”  Grandma & Grandpa where? “Cololado.” (Because she can’t say ColoRado) No.  “Are we going to Jodi’s?”  Yes. “Ok.  But we’ll go to Grandma & Grandpa’s in Cololado for Mommy’s birthday and for my birthday and have some cake?”  Yes.  She’s such a goof!

The other day Kyle asked her if she knew what Mommy’s name was because she’ll call Kyle, Kyle every once in awhile.  Her answer, “Mommy.” 

Kyle: “But what’s her NAME?”
Elle: “Mommy.”
Kyle: “No Elle.  Daddy’s name is Kyle, what is Mommy’s name?”
Elle: “Ky…no…that’s too bad.”

Kyle and I lost it!  Kyle said watching her face and how she processed it all she was going to say Kyle, then realized that’s Daddy’s name so that wouldn’t work.  Then she thought it was too bad that she couldn’t use Kyle again.  It was great!

She thought some more then said, “Karen.”

Me: “Like Aunt Karen?  That’s close but not it.”
Elle: “I dunno.”
Me: “Eryn.”
Elle: “Eryn?”
Me: “Yep.”  (At this point I’m hearing “Jodi, that’s a GIRL’S name!”). J
Elle: “Oh.”

And that was the end of it.

Gabe is starting to walk more and more.  He still wants to be carried everywhere and Kyle and I are trying very hard to break him of this luxury.  He’s learning the hard way.  When he lingers at our feet for us to pick him up we’ll hold his hands to walk with him where ever his little heart desires.  He’s usually not content with that and just slithers to the floor.  We’ll try a couple times to get him to stand and if he won’t we’ll just let him sit there on the floor and go about our business.  This makes Gabe, oh-so-precious-Gabe VERY upset and he begins to throw a little tantrum which includes throwing himself on the floor.  Usually backwards on our nice hardwood floor which results in a nice thud to the back of his head.  He’s starting to realize he either shouldn’t do that, or roll to his tummy before he starts his kicking and screaming.  He’s sleeping wonderfully and we have no doubt that if Elle weren’t in there to wake him up he’d sleep even better.  Goofy girl keeps climbing into bed with him.  As cute as it is, the blind by Gabe’s crib are slowly being demolished (they like to look outside at the traffic).

Gabe is starting to talk.  Saying, “all done”, “no” (his favorite), “Elle”, “mama”, “dada”, “uh-oh”, “more”, and he’s working on some others.  We can see his brain working when we tell him what things are.  He’s very fascinated with “light” right now.  Elle was too when she was little.

Well that’s it for now, I should be working on school work but I love to brag about my kids, what can I say. J

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