Elle's "My Adventure Book"

So I couldn't resist and I did more work on Elle's adventure book tonight.  The pages were all dry so I had to.

I decorated the chipboard for the front and back cover then I bound the book.  To bind the book I took some ribbon , punched two holes in each page and cover, then threaded the ribbon through the holes like this...

This is the back cover.  I added some vintage stamps too it after I took the picture too.

This is the front cover except it should be horizontal.  For some reason its not loading correctly.

And the front decorated.

And the inside-again, it should be horizontal.

And the inside front cover.

Anyway as you can probably tell, I'm having a blast with this project.  I did make one of the "clues" tonight.  Since Elle is getting the book and first clue for Christmas I want to make sure it'll all work before I give her the start of it.  Otherwise, all that work for nothing.  It's coming along though. 

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Vicki said...

This looks amazing!!! Tell me which badges you would like me to create.