Growing Gabe

Change of pace.  With Elle being at such a fun age with all the things she says, I usually have something to share about her.  Instead, I'd like to take some time for my Gaber Baby.

My baby boy that I was so scared of is growing up.  My baby boy that cuddles with me more than my sweet little girl is becoming a BOY.  My shy little one that is so quiet is speaking...albeit not coherently to most.  He still calls me "dada" most of the time though he's slowly figuring it out.  He will now say "osi" (outside).  His biggest word yet.

Last night, he put himself in time out...twice.

I look at his "little" hands and they aren't the little ones that curl around my finger anymore.  Now they smash my nose and eyes.  His tiny little butt that was so cute to pat, well he is a Ceass so he still doesn't have a put but now he sits on my face! Such a boy! 

I'll admit I almost cried when I found out I was having a boy because I was so scared.  Watching him grow, though, breaks my heart, but happily.  If that makes any sense.  Having a boy is COMPLETELY different than having a girl.  I've always admired those moms of boys.  How on EARTH do they keep up!?

Elle will sit quietly, mostly, and watch her princess movies or color.  Gabe runs around with a dragon, growling.

Somehow, my tough little boy softens my heart SO much more than I thought a boy would.

I love my Gaber Baby.

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