Sometimes, after having a long week…

When your 1 ½ your old son points at EVERYTHING out the window on the way to daycare, it makes you smile

When you almost get tackled by your kids coming through the door after a long day at work, you want to fall down and let them tickle you…even though it’s a hard wood floor

When a friend does something you don’t expect, you almost cry at your desk at work out of pure appreciation

When some one you didn’t really know can place you after almost 10 years, you don’t feel quite so invisible

When you put your “baby” boy to bed and he keeps patting your back to “comfort” you, all you can do is laugh…and you can’t stop

When the first thing your husband says to you in the morning is, “Can we just stay here and listen to the rain?”, you consider it

Sometimes, after a long week…Wednesdays aren’t so bad.

Even when last week felt like this

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