1 Whole Year

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since our last birthday trip to Colorado.

This time last year Elle had just visited the dentist for the first time.  She has now gone a grand total of 3 times, which clearly makes her a pro, and she still LOVES it.  She honestly get so excited to go.

This time last year Elle was starting to initiate dinner time conversations around the table.  Remember Smart Kid and When I Grow Up.  Or good gracious who could forget this one: God Made You Too.  She still talks...a lot.  All things girl of course: dance, princesses, American Girl, MAKE UP!, clothes, shoes, and on and on and on.  She informed me tonight her three favorite movies are her Care Bears movies, The Sound Of Music, and Felicity (her American Girl movie).  I've loved seeing her tastes develop.

This time last year I was so grateful that Elle only had two potty accidents in 5 days.  Thank goodness we've got that under control.  Now we have a daughter going on 4 years old going on 16 years old.  I thought we had until at least 11!  Mind you, its not all bad that she uses these skills for.  For example, just the other day, Elle and Gabe were playing wonderfully together, or apart, and Gabe pulled something out at which point Kyle and I hear, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gabe.  You should go ask Mom and Dad before you play with that."  Turns out, he put it away. :)

I can't believe I've been married over 5 years much less that I have a 4 year old!  One that so lovely takes my face in her learning-to-be-graceful hands and says, "Mommy, I'm just so proud of you."  I love that she says that more because it means she's heard it from us than for any other reason.  I am proud of her.  She's smart, she asks questions, she pushes, she (usually) listens, she loves, she helps, she cares, and the best part...that kids got gumption.

So here's to my "baby" girl who is growing up to fast because what would a mother be without her daughter and what would a daughter be without her mother.  Thank you Elle, for teaching me all those lessons your grandmother has been trying to drill in my head for the last...few years.

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