One Week

That’s all I have left of my little girl. My (current) only girl, my firstborn, will start school in ONE WEEK! And I am so excited for her!

I’m not worried or sad or even hesitant about her starting. Elle feeds on structure and learning, something school will be able to provide that has likely been lacking for awhile. It helps that Elle is ready to jump in as well. When your child is excited to start the new adventure of school it sure makes it easier for you.

Elle has taken on a LOT and she enjoys it but she’s still only 5 ½. While I love that she is so responsible and capable I have to remember that she is still a kid. With her schedule changing so drastically this year I’m hoping Kyle and I can help teach her the importance of balance. She’ll be going to school all day and will have over 6 hours of dance during the course of the week. We’ve capped it at there. We’re probably insane for letting her do all the things she’ll be doing this year but we’ve talked a lot about it and tried to determine what the best thing for Elle would be.

She’s excited, for dance and for school. She gets tired, and we let her be tired. We’ve tried to teach her the difference between crying because you didn’t get your way and just needing to have a good cry sometimes. We’ve tried to teach her that she is incredibly blessed to be able to do all the things she is getting to do. We’ve tried to teach her that we love her unconditionally and we are extremely proud of her. We’ve tried to teach her to respect everyone and to make her own decisions. We’ve tried to teach her to follow as well as lead. We’ve tried to teach her a lot in these last 5 ½ years but now it’s her turn. Now she gets to learn from her teacher and her classmates. Now she will be taught from the world as well as her home.

I pray she keeps her spirit. I love my little girl’s spirit. She is naturally joyful and goofy but cautious and analytical. I pray her experiences help grow these characteristics appropriately instead of letting them grow like weeds or smothering them.

Our family is so excited to watch our oldest start this new adventure and to ride along with her.

Shine your light Elle Belle!

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