Oh Elle!

We recently purchased a new Veggietales CD with the song "The Wheels On The Bus" and a song that Junior's mom sings. Yesterday, I think, we were on our way home and Elle said, "I think I like the song that Junior's mom sings." I know it's no big deal but the thought went through my head, "My 2 1/2 year old just constructed a sentence using 10 words and it made sense!" I was absolutely blown away. She is so FREAKING smart! Too smart in fact. A little later "The Wheels On The Bus" came on and when it got to the part about the baby saying "wah, wah, wah" she said, "Gabe is on the bus." I LOST it I was laughing so hard. It's true that Gabe cries about anything and everything. We don't have any cute names for him like 'Cryin' Ryan' :) but this is where his nickname 'Bug' came from. Destiny Childs 'Bug-a-boo' song. I occasionally call Gabe my Bug-a-boo because he's constantly "buggin'" me. I think Cryin' Ryan is cuter. :)

Anyway, there's your 'Amazing Elle' and humor from my kids for now.

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