Prayer Needed

I can't go in to specifics too much, but our family, Ceasses and Stenneses alike, could use a washing of prayer.

Yesterday seemed to be an active day in the spiritual realm.  Remind me to go into it another time.  We also heard some news about some one that isn't bad but not too good either.  I'll go into detail once I have their permission (sorry to be so secretive.  I can't stand it when people do it to me).  We just really need prayers of peace, healing, and a guiding hand.


And sorry it's been so long. :) As a thank you for prayers, patience in waiting for a new blog, and dealing with my lack of info, here are some ADORABLE pictures of Elle from this weekend.  There are too many cute ones so be prepared to be over loaded with cuteness. :)

She wanted to play with the puppy, Daisy.

Isn't she beautiful...

And then so silly.

Working hard.

Making a big pile.

"Mom, can I jump NOW?!"

"Oh this is so much fun! We MUST do this more often."

I love fall.

Thanks again!

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