Odd Christmas

Well this Christmas was...odd.

I think the majority of it had to do with the attitude of the little ones.  When my two (almost three year-old) starts throwing tantrums and won't eat a bite of her dinner, it makes Christmas Eve a little difficult to enjoy.  Attempting to put her to bed and hearing her scream from the bedroom doesn't help either.  Elle eventually snapped out of it and we had an okay rest of Christmas Eve.  We went on hoping Christmas Day would be better.  Of course knowing Kyle had to be at work to plow snow at 4 AM didn't help start the day.

Kyle left Ryan's at 3 AM (we stayed at Ryan's to spend more time with my family) with the plan to return around 8:30 AM.  So when I woke up at 8 and saw two calls and a text from Kyle saying he was there all with a time stamp BEFORE 7! I felt HORRIBLE!  Kyle was in our car in Ryan's driveway waiting for some one to let him in.  Poor guy!  Good it didn't take him as long to clear the snow but not good he was stuck outside in the car.  Anyway, moving forward.

We "opened" the kids' stockings.  That was good.  Had some breakfast and Kyle went to go take a nap for a bit.  I attempted to get the kids ready.  It seemed that every road block and stall I could encounter happened.  some how over an hour passed and we had made no progress despite MULTIPLE attempts.  I decided I would not look nearly as nice as I wanted to Christmas Day since I had no more time and had to get the car packed and the kids together.  And don't forget Kyle again! :)

We were suppose to be at Kyle's Grandma's at 12:00 but I don't think we got there until 1 or shortly after.  Oops!

Okay.  So the kids were up late Christmas Eve.  Sort of slept in Christmas Day.  They slept til just before 8.  Usually they nap from 12-2 or 3 but that CLEARLY wasn't going to happen today.  So tired and hungry we tried to manage through.  Gabe is a pretty whinny kid anyway so he was TOTALLY milking it with family ALL day Christmas Day.  He is really good at producing tears which most people think means he's really sad.  He's just a player and playing the majority of our family.  Makes it tough to break him of that habit.  Anyway, the kids in their tired state (no longer hungry since we ate) continued to get coddled.

So, we dragged them home and I did what I could with them.  They pretty much refused to nap.  Seeing as how it was almost 4 I understood.  Kyle had to go back to work to take care of the snow...again.  So the kids were in their room for awhile just being lazy.  I eventually let them out since I could see there was no hope of naps.  Made them dinner (PB & J-I was so far gone).  Put them to bed.  Gabe went down at 7 with very little complaining.  Elle went down a little after 8.  I got a text from Kyle just before 8 saying he was FINALLY on his way home.  I immediately thought oh no! I have none of our stuff from the last two days put away!  Miraculously I began flying around the house while also trying to put Elle to bed.  Some how I managed to complete most of it JUST as he was walking in the door.

We finally got to say "hi" to each other and I could immediately see the weight lifted off his shoulders.  I apologized for still putting things away and shared how I wanted to have it all taken care of for him.  He looked at my like I was crazy when I realized it doesn't affect him at all but that's what I would want! I'm so silly.  I can guarantee that if there was laundry on his side of the bed he wouldn't have felt the same. :)

So yeah,  Christmas was weird.  Maybe we were putting too much into the kids thinking it would be SO much fun because of their ages.  Maybe Kyle having to worry about the snow was overshadowing.  Maybe we are just too exhausted period and having to go through all the festivities was too much.

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer.  We are still very grateful for the Christmas we were able to have.  There was great food and company.  We were able to be together and really that's all we want.

Merry Christmas!!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

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