What EVERY mom wants to hear

Yesterday, when picking Elle up from the nursery at church I got two of the BEST compliments EVER!
1) It was something along the lines of, "You are always such a beautiful woman." Very rarely do I get a chance to do my hair and even more so my make up anymore. I don't usually have the opportunity to think about what I'm putting on to wear in public. I think a lot of mom's have this same stance. It's not that we don't care...we DO! It's just that most of us are so busy getting the kids together, and sometimes the husband, to get out the door ON TIME and making sure the house isn't in complete shambles as we leave. To get a compliment from another woman too is so amazing! Unfortunately too often we are so petty and don't share those nice little things to build each other up.
So, needless to say, THAT in and of itself made my day, but then...
as this wonderful woman (she means a lot to me whether she knows it or not despite our minimal contact) gives me a hug after the astounding compliment she says (this is #2 is you're counting), "Thank you for bringing your child to daycare, she is so well behaved." In my head I'm thinking, "What?! Do you have the right child/mother pair up?! Not my kid." Sure enough she meant my little Elle Belle. Apparently when mom and dad aren't around she says things like, "please" and "thank you" and my personal favorite "May I be excused please?" with out being prompted! I'm pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up from off the floor! I love my little Elle Belle very much but she sure likes to challenge Kyle and Me so I was COMPLETELY caught off guard by this double whammy compliment coming my way.
So...Moms...heck women in general, are the not two of THE BEST compliments ever!?!
And if I haven't told you so lately, all the women in my life are beautiful, inside and out, and if you're a mom, more than likely I think you do a heck of a job since we're still friends with kids. ;)

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