What Motherhood means

At 2:16 this morning Elle walked into our room and whispered...

"Mom, my book is broken."
Me:"Elle, why are you awake."
Elle: "My book is broken."
Me:"Go back to sleep."
Elle starting to cry:"But my book is broken."

I stumbled out of bed to walk Elle back to her room and tried to tuck her in again and said goodnight.

Elle:"But Mom, my book is broken."
Me: "How?"
Elle:"It's broken. See."

One page at a time Elle continues to search through her book to find where it is broken.

Me:"Okay. Let me see."

About 10 pages from the back of her book is a ripped page (its her princess Bible so over 100 pages-can you imagine how long that would have taken one page at a time!).

Me:"Is this where it is broken Elle?"
Me:"Mommy will tape it in the morning."
Elle:"But its broken and you need to fix it."
Me:"And then you'll go back to sleep?"

I wander back into our black bedroom fishing for the tape. I Wander into the kitchen to tape the book (a 3 inch tear) and slowly move back into her room to hand her the book.

Me:"You'll go back to sleep now?"
Elle (inspecting the page) nods.
Me:"Okay, goodnight."

As I walk out of her bedroom she is paging through her princess Bible "reading."

Two things.

1) I know she can't really ready and probably doesn't even know what the book is and what it teaches. But I found it ridiculous and excellent that she felt the need to read her Bible at 2:16 in the morning. I wish I had the energy to press in to God at 2:16 in the morning.

2) This is the epitome of motherhood. Thank you to all the moms who stumble out of bed at 2:16 in the morning (an all other time as well) to perform all manner of tasks (potty, vomit, broken books, etc.) for their children! Those moments are paid for when w see our children reading their Bible at 2:16 in the morning. :)

Thanks Mom(s)!

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Vicki said...

You're welcome, sweetheart! Brought a tear to my eye!