I am so excited for tonight!

I have missed my boys so much! Gabe is a boy now! He says "I love you", "more", "thank you" and still his fav. "uh-oh!"  He's walking ALL over!  And he's started doing this adorable head tilt thing with a smile. SO CUTE!

But tonight... :) tonight I get to spend with Kyle.

We're not going out because it's a school night but...

The kids are getting washed, scheduled to be in bed before Dad gets home.
Chicken and broccoli fetachini alfredo will be ready for him when he gets home.
Kyle is stopping to get my lost luggage at the airport then to pick up some wine.
Then we will curl up on the couch and watch a lame but much needed romantic comedy and soak in the presence of each other.

I can't WAIT!

Happy birthday to ME!

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