We we grow up

I love growing up.  Well, I love PARTS of growing up.

Mostly, I love the grown up relationships I have.  I lurv my girls!

Mid-March we will be celebrating a birthday among the gang and while most 20/30 year olds may go out for a GNO (Girls Night Out), we get excited about staying IN and scrap booking!

We're content, more than content, we're exhilarated enjoying the laughter each of us provide (with help from GLEE and Friends).  

We all came together with one thing in common, dance.  Only a few of us still dance together, and that's okay, despite the slacker jabs now and then. :) 

But mainly, we just have so much fun together.  Really, good friends never go out of style.

I'm glad I finally found mine.

(These are the invites for the birthday party in March)

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