Ellianna Evangeline

These 4 weeks off from school have flown by and I can not believe I “get” to go back on Friday. It really is a good thing. I’m so grateful that God has allowed me the opportunity and the means to go back after all the years and not be completely out of touch with reality.

The house has NOT sold yet. Darn thing just won’t go away. It’s going on two months now that it has been on the market. Kyle and I are trying to be patient. All in God’ time.

Easter has come and gone. It was excellent to experience it with Elle this year. Kyle and I are so proud of her and we are so thankful for what Bethany church is instilling in her. Not to mention that it’s just her personality anyway.

We’ve been getting out for some walks around the neighborhood, thanks to late night house showings. Thursday we went to Dairy Queen and then walked around the U of M campus. We came across a family of 3 with a little boy just Elle’s age. We stopped and chatted with them for awhile when Elle decided to share, “Jesus is in our hearts.”

All I could think was, “Way to go girl!” I wish I had the guts to tell everyone I met that Jesus died for them. So…true to her name that was given my God, there is no doubt HE picked her name, not Kyle and I. Ellianna means my God has answered me and Evangeline means bearer of good news. Kyle and I usually call her Elle Belle, which in French would be beautiful girl. No matter how you look at it, she is fulfilling her name. She is a beautiful girl that God brought to Kyle and I as an answer to prayer and MAN is she brining good news (We won’t even get started on Gabriel Isaac :) ).

I hope she doesn’t ever loose that. I hope she always reaches out. I hope she offends people with her love of Jesus Christ. I hope my little girl moves mountains by bowing before her savior. Even with her little skirts on.

Thank you, Jesus, for my little Elle Belle.

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ElissaM said...

I love your story about her! She is so precious, even with that little time we got to spend with her last summer, I know she is a very special girl to God. It's is funny because I posted something about Logan this morning and knowing the story about Jesus and didn't know you posted something too! Looks like God is working in both our kid's hearts this Easter! Love ya eryn!