3 Day Extravaganza!

This weekend was amazing!

Allison and I took part in the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  There were over 2,400 walkers and over 400 crew members.  There was lots and lots and LOTS of walking.  Some dancing, some singing, some shopping.  Yes dancing! (Picture to follow).

Day 1, Friday morning we woke up at 4:30 to shower and pack the last couple of items.  We had opening ceremonies at Southdale Center and walked through Edina, Minnpeapolis, and the U of M ending at Macalester College for a total of 20 miles.  We were then bussed to camp in Maplewood to set up our tent, eat, and shower.  The local high school had the football team there to help us set up our tents. Amazing!  We hardly even touched the tent.  We even had a nice yard thanks to Kaytee and Markeeta.  We missed you two!
Our tent is on the left, our "yard" is to the right.
Got out stuff loaded into our tent, ate dinner (steak and potatoes), showered and hung out for the 3-Day evening show which included karaoke. Hilarious!
After 20 miles my feet looked like this...

Day 2 we woke up at 5 and got all our stuff packed in our tent and set out at 6:30 am to attempt to walk an additional 23 miles.  Tent city was set up but this year it was broken in to 3 different areas so not nearly as spectacular as I've heard. Still amazing to see SO many pink tents.  The fog was nice to walk in. :)
Allison and I made it to the pit stop after lunch when her feet became extremely swollen and I couldn't move my legs.  The mistake we made was slowing down.  We moved at such a great pace on Friday we figured that was why we hurt so much Friday evening.  Little did we know if you slow down, it hurts more.  Now we know.  So at that pit stop, Allison and I hopped the bus back to camp to seek medical attention.  After a 45 minute wait, an amazing Chiropractor worked my muscles pulling and stretching and smooshing then adjusting my hips, low back, and neck. Amazing!  Of course, Glee helps...
New Balance played Glee Episodes.
Then I showered, ate (chicken with marinara sauce and veggies), and enjoyed the 3-Day evening show which included a dance party. Crazy to dance after 43 miles but it's so GOOD!
After 43, actually 35 miles, my feet looked like this...

Day 3 started, again, with a 5 o'clock wake up.  We had to pack up our tent though.  Thank goodness for the tent angel.
Then we started on our way around 7:30 for our final 17 miles journey to the capital building in St. Paul.  Allison and I learned out lesson from the day before and kept up a decent speed.  We made it to our destination around 2:30 PM.  Kyle and the kids met us there and we got to see Ryan and Tasha after the closing ceremonies.

Closing ceremonies  what can I say about closing ceremonies?!  All the walkers walk in, then the crew, then the breast cancer survivors that walked!  When the survivors walk in, EVERYONE takes off one of their shoes and take a knee to honor them as they file in.  Quite a scene.
So, surprisingly, after 52 miles, my feet weren't too bad.

See the band aid?
I realized only after taking my shoes off that I had 3 extremely small blisters.  I never felt them. PERFECT!

Kyle made a delicious spaghetti dinner with broccoli and garlic bread. It was perfect!  I "slept in" until 7 this morning then took the kids to daycare.  Went to the Minneapolis Central library to finish some homework from last week (thank you instructor for giving me an extension), and proceeded towards what I was waiting for weekend. SPA DAY!

Mom, Dad, and Kyle arranged for me to spend 4 hours, turned out to be 5 at the spa I got to for my hair cuts.  Riverstone Salon & Spa. Massage, facial, hair cut, and pedicure.  It was perfect!  Sadly it came to an end and I had to walk out to my car.  I felt my muscles again but they were slightly grateful for the last 5 hours.  
So now, after 52 miles my feet look like this...
Aren't they pretty?

Tomorrow is back to reality.

I kept a list of all my donors in my pack the whole time...
Through the heat and humidity and rain, we walked.  Through Edina, Minneapolis, Roseville, Maplewood, Vadnais Heights (or Badness Heights as our M.C. liked to put it), St. Paul, and many other areas.  We learned to love going UP hills and despise going down them.  We learned that sometimes is better to push, and other times its better to rest.  We learned that 3-day people are extremely helping and funny and weird.  We learned about walker stalkers and made some friends.  We had fun and we were a part of something.  We learned the importance of water and deodorant and ice.  We heard some great phrases...blisters don't need chemo...we walk because we can't walk away...

But it is late. I am tired. I have to work in the morning.

Thank you all for your prayers!  They worked! Only 3 blisters that I couldn't feel and didn't get until the 3rd day!

Thanks again.