Crazy Fun Weekend

This weekend was a little crazy, short notice.  And a lot of fun, all around.

Friday morning I got a text message that one of my friends was going in to labor and another friend, Amy's sister was going in to labor.  Amy and Rob were out of town on a well deserved and needed vacation just the two of them.  Ava was to be staying with Grandma but since Amy's sister went in to labor, GEEK Squad was called in.

Amy and Rob's neighbor was nice enough to pick Ava up from daycare on Friday afternoon since we were unsure if all 3 kids would fit in the VUE.  The kids had some fun...
Saturday morning, another neighbor was nice enough to watch Ava so Kyle could go to class and I could take Gabe to his creative moment class (AKA dance class for 2 year olds) and Elle's ballet and tap class.  Elle was so excited and had such a great time.  I was so scattered I forgot my camera and my phone so this is the only picture I got.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some of the pictures and video Karla took.
She's wearing the leotard from Grandma Vicki, THANKS GRANDMA VICKI! I have never seen that child pay such close attention and listen so well before.  Unbelievable!  Gabe on the other hand...well, I think the class will be good for him and his inability to be on his own.  After some time he'll be great.  He did say he had fun.

After dance we all hung out around the Barnett home.  Playing inside, playing outside, playing upstairs, playing downstairs.  Playing playing playing.  We were tired by the end of the day.

Sunday, we took Ava Pie to church.  We were able to fit all three kids in the back! YAY!  We weren't sure how she would do but she did a great job.  She was a little hesitant at first but she warmed up.  It was so cute.  Elle was on one side, Gabe was in the middle, and Ava was on the other side.  Elle and Gabe were in the car and I just put Ava in and she reached over and held Gabe's hand.
Gabe was able to show Ava around in the nursery and make sure she got some of the good toys.  On the way home,  Gabe put his hand on her knee for a second or too.  He must have realized it was a little to scandalous for their age because he removed it promptly (please don't get out your shot gun Rob-he's really a good boy).

Slowly, as the weekend went on, Ava warmed up to the GEEK Squad and our weirdness.  She even joined in on the weirdness.  It was fun.  We were crazy, we may not have had it all together, but we all had fun together.

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Vicki said...

You guys make the ordinary, special!