First of all, let it be known that I did not in fact forget another Flash Me Friday (FMF) but that there was no FMF last week. So THERE!

And it has been over a week since I’ve posted. BLAH! I was doing so well. Oh well, such is life.

Anyway, much as happen and yet nothing has happened all at the same time. Mom and Dad were in town for a very quick trip before Papa George had to go back down to Dallas. No pressure mom but I’m excited to see the photos of your time up at the cabin. IF the kids gave you the opportunity to take any that is.

Thursday Mom, the kids, and I went to the MOA to allow Elle to experience the American Girl store for the first time. She was in awe and even made her first purchase from the store. She is still dead set on Felicity and therefore decided to buy the Felicity movie. We have yet to watch it.

Before we made it to the mall we went to one of my favorite places: Step ‘n Stretch. My how prices have increased! Anyway, Mom was sweet enough to buy Elle a dance bag and beautiful princess leotard I fear we will never get off of Elle once she puts it on. Elle starts dance in less than a month and she is very excited. I’ll see if I can get one of Mom’s videos of Elle dancing. This girl just has to dance.

Friday, Mom and dad picked up the kids and took them up to the cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area. THANK YOU!!! It must be known that this was all THEIR IDEA! Better yet, apparently this was all Papa George’s idea. What a great Papa! Kyle and I greatly appreciated this time, though we didn’t get to rest as much as we would have liked. Still we had a BLAST!

Friday night, after a long day, and week, at work, we joined some friends at Solera in Minneapolis. And when I say “friends” I mean ones that go back years and years! Well, and one new one but it still felt the same. We ate, we drank, we had fun. After Solera we moved to Billy’s off Grand and continued the fun. We didn’t leave until shortly before bar close! This was great and all but Kyle and I had to be up at 7:30 to distribute information along the 3-day route. Oops.  SO worth it though.

We know we're hot.

Kyle had no problem walking the small portion of the route and giving information. My experience on the other hand, was a little bit more of a struggle. We made it though! Then we enjoyed some breakfast at Perkins. It would have been a much better breakfast had I not struggled so much earlier in the morning.

After breakfast, Kyle and I picked up Ryan and drove up to the cabin to see the ‘rents, Grandma Ralcie, Ralph, and the munchkins. Unfortunately, Kyle and I were so tired we weren’t worth much while we were there. After Mom and Dad came back from their dinner Saturday night at 10 pm (?), Kyle and I started the drive home. I have never experienced lightning like we did Saturday night. I’ll see if I can get the video posted tonight. It was non-stopped! For HOURS! Despite the weather, we made it home safe and sound and proceeded to crash in our bed until after noon on Sunday.

I worked on some homework Sunday afternoon then Kyle and I joined our 3:14 group (the best ever!) for our final dinner together. Famous Daves, Klondike bars, and great people. Really, I doesn’t get much better. It was tough to go back home to schoolwork. Even without the school work to go back to, it would have been tough to leave Sunday night.

Mom and Dad left yesterday. BLAH! But they’ll be back. They always come back. ;)

Oh, and in the past week my 3 year old has grown into a 13 year old!

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