"Big" Brother

This little boy is quite the big brother.

If you live in Minnesota or like to follow Minnesota weather (which is weird by the way), then you know we've been dealing with some pretty nasty thunderstorms.  Sunday night Kyle and I anticipated the children waking up at any moment but through the almost 2 hour of torrential downpour and constant lightning, they didn't wake.  Of course the hail was saved for last night and apparently hail is what does the trick.

Around 4:00 AM Kyle and I were awakened by the wind, rain, hail and lightning.  After checking the weather app for any serious weather alerts I passed some time to see if anyone else was suffering just as we were.  Sure enough, Gabe came wandering in to our room, almost sleep walking muttering something about Elle needing me.

Gabe is pretty good at making excuses to get something he wants but it was somewhat clear that he really had no idea what was going on this morning.  Since I was expecting this I was prepared to get my bum out of bed and spend some time with my rightfully frightened children.

I followed Gabe into their room, saw Elle sitting straight up and watched Gabe crawl back into his bed, roll over and go back to sleep.  It was hard not to laugh.  It appears poor Elle was too frightened to climb down from the top bunk and come get me herself so she woke Gabe to come get me instead.

What a brave big brother.  What on earth will Elle do when they  have their own rooms instead of sharing?

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