Answered Prayer

Now I know its silly but our darling boy slept through the night again last night…FINALLY! Well, almost. He woke up at 1:30 but I was able to just pop his nuk back in and he went right back to sleep! Joy & splendor! There is no evidence of those wretched teeth yet however. I told Kyle I was going to give Gabe a bottle of Tylenol last night before bed instead of a bottle of formula in hopes of knocking him out. No worries. I didn’t. I just wanted to. It did take the kids over and hour to go to bed though. As cute as it is to see my kids playing together, bed time is not play time.

First, Kyle came home to grab some coupons before running out for some basics and when he left again I heard Elle through the monitor. “Mommy! Mommy! Daddy is home!” I had to explain to her that he was home but he had to go to the store and I would surely send him in for a goodnight kiss when he returned.

A while later…”Mommy! Mommy! Gabe has my monkey!” I went in to find Elle’s hands through the bars of Gabe’s crib to retrieve her monkey. When I asked her why she was out of bed she said it was because Gabe had her monkey. :-/ I had to explain to her that Gabe could not have reached across the room to get her monkey, unless of course she had gotten out of bed to give it to him. Goof.

Soon after that I heard another call for Mommy but no additional pleading so I stayed put. Not more than 5 seconds later Elle emerged from her room explaining that she peed in her diaper. Keep in mind she sat on her potty for more than 5 minutes before actually going to bed. The kid has magical pee I tell you! One minute its gone then next its there. So she had to sit on the potty for another 5 minutes only to produce nothing. Thanks goodness Gabe fell asleep while Elle was busy. One down; one to go.

It wasn’t much longer and Elle was out too. Man what a saga. But, they both slept through the night! Thank you Jesus! I was starting to doubt whether we should send Gabe with Elle to Kyle’s parents this weekend. As much as I was looking forward to a night out with my hubby and friends, I didn’t wish that Gabe on anyone. Of course I only got glowing reports for daycare so maybe its just home.

Oh and daycare! Jodi almost sliced the tip of her pinkie finger off on Monday which resulted in 3 stitches. Poor girl. She’s doing well now that she is all mended together and has some excellent Disney Princess band aids to cover the wound.

I’ll do my best to get photos of Elle’s weekend with Aunt Nicki up at the cabin. I saw some and they are adorable. Apparently Elle and the little boy that was up there were pretty much boyfriend/girlfriend all weekend. Holding hands and constantly chatting with each other. SO cute! So, yes, I will do my best to get some of those photos up but in the mean time here is Gabe from his weekend as a bachelor.

Playing all by himself in the tub

What IS that?

How cute is this face?

You've got something right...right there.

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ElissaM said...

So that is what I have to look forward to when my boys share a room huh? I will be putting that off as long as I can now! So cute, but I can imagine so frustrating!