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The house is alive again!  Elle and Gabe are back and full of life.  I love my kids!

Last night we were eating dinner (spaghetti) and Elle said "Now we drink some milk."  So Mom, Dad, and Elle all took a drink of milk (Gabe was in bed already).  Dad and Elle put their milk down but I kept drinking and all of a sudden, in a really low voice, I hear "Put it down."  Milk almost shot from my nose!  I'm not sure how this started but over the weekend apparently Grandma Betty said that to Elle.  Elle felt the need to pass it on.  For the rest of the night I couldn't drink my milk!  She's such a punk...but in a good way. :)

Gabe came back sick again.  Well maybe not sick but with a cough.  Poor kid.  There might be just a bit too much dust at Grandma and Grandpa Stennes'.  He did get his 7th tooth and has started to crawl more.  He'll get really lazy sometimes and jet propel himself from his knees into his army crawl.  He'll go for a couple 'steps' though.  He's so close!  And he's gotten lots better at walking while holding our hands.  He's growing up so fast.  They BOTH are!

Gabe's birthday party planning is going really well so far too.  I'm so excited!

On that note, I must do more planning.

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ElissaM said...

I love what Elle said! And I know what you mean by being able to share that moment with your mom on the phone. Never easy being away from family!!! Love all the pictures, looks like you guys had a great time...did you make any apple pie with all the apples?:-) Hey, I have a great book about making babyfood from when I did for Logan...I am more adventurous this time around with Austin, but let me know if you are interested?!?! I spose Gabe is more towards the table food though. Can't believe it is almost a year! YEAH!!!