At Home Vacation

This week has been amazing!

Mom came up and over from Colorado to spend my vacation with the kids and me.  She was also able to spend some time with some friends and her sisters and family.  Crazy but fun.

Monday we did some shopping with the kids.  Gabe needed summer gear and we couldn’t pass up the shades and hat.  We managed to squeak by with some animal crackers and a small princess doll for Elle. 

Tuesday it was confirmed that Dad wouldn’t be able to join us for vacation in MN. :(   We couldn’t wait months for Dad to go to the park, so we went sadly without him.  The kids got to splash around in the pool for a bit as well. 

Then we came home and did pudding paints (white chocolate pudding with food coloring for finger paints).  The kids FINALLY crashed for a nap time and we lounged for the rest of the day.

Wednesday Mom came back over after spending the evening with Ryan.  It was just me and the kids in the morning.  We did okay.  Mom came to watch the kids so I didn’t have to drag them with to my appointments.  I had an interview with a market research firm for something they were doing research on.  Then I dropped off some caramel filled chocolate brownie cupcakes at work for the May and June birthdays.  Then I had a doctor’s appointments.  I got home and we immediately left for Ryan’s to celebrate his birthday and Dad’s birthday.  We had some delicious ribs and excellent company.

Thursday Mom and I packed up the kids and took them for a walk along the river road to have lunch at Longfellow Grill.  It was a beautiful day which made for a great walk.  Lunch was fun-AMAZING French toast-then we walked back home.  The kids refused to nap, yet again, so we took them to the park so they could swim and run around.  They had a blast. Mom left for dinner and came back later that evening.  The kids went to bed…okay.

Friday Mom and I met Aunt Janie and Cousin Emme in Maple Grove to hand off Elle for a sleep over.  Elle has been looking forward to this for months so she was completely ready to be rid of us and hang out with her cool Aunt Janie and Cousin Em.  Mom, Gabe, and I then went to a jewelry store Mom has wanted to visit for a while.  I was finally able to pick up the VUE-YAY we have 2 cars again- and Gabe and I hung out at home for the afternoon.  He fell asleep in my lap for a couple hours.  THE best.  Kyle, Gabe, and I then went for a walk around the campus.

The weather has been fantastic, I even have a tan to show for my vacation and I didn’t leave the state!  It has been AMAZING to have my mom here with us this week.  It would have been nice if Dad could have made it as well but we’ll take what we can get.

Tomorrow we are taking a short trip up to the cabin.  Ryan, Mom, Kyle, Gabe, Elle, and I are all packing into Mom’s Jeep and going up for the day to see Grandma Ralcie.  It will be so nice to see her!  I feel like it’s been forever and since we only made it up to the cabin once last year and in October I have vowed to improve on that.

Sunday We’ll all go to church then Delano to visit Grandma Betty and Grandpa Aubie.  Then some fireworks in Minneapolis.

Monday is the final day of vacation.  I’ll have to ease back in to that.  We’ll see how the kids do too.

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