Flash Me Friday!- Favorite piece of furniture

FINE! I'll do it! I've finally succumbed to "Flash Me Friday!"

I got this from Elissa who got it from  Molly and Jen.  I've put off doing it and I think I'm finally caving.  It's just such a cute idea.

So this week, Flash Me Friday is.....Favorite piece of furniture.  (If you read the title of this post then this wasn't as dramatic).

My favorite piece of furniture is a MAJOR hand-me-down and has made some cameos in some pictures..

This rocking chair was in my house growing up and if I'm remembering correctly, it was around when my dad was young too!  It's been loved... a LOT.  So much so that the occupant in the chair must sit wisely in order to ensure they do not get a spring in the bum.  We love the chair and when me move will probably get it repaired and spruced up.  We will NEVER say goodbye to the chair.  Well, we will but only when we leave the earth. :)

American Girl Update

Elle finished her first American Girl book only a few days after we got it so I took a trip to the library today to get her some more.  We got 6 more "Meet" books (Meet Samantha, Meet Molly, etc.).  Kyle and I decided that Elle can save up for her doll.  If she has THAT much dedication to save up the money for an American Girl doll, then the girl can spend HER money on it.  She will get $1 for every American Girl book she reads.  25 cents for every chore she should do that she does all by herself.  Without prompting from Kyle or I.  If we have to ask her once, then she gets 10 cents.  If we have to ask her more than she's out of change.  At the end of the month (or week depending on how well she does), we empty out her piggy bank and divide up her money.  10% to church, 10% to savings, and the rest in her "spending" jar which is saving for her doll right now.  She is super excited.  She even cleared her own dishes from the dinner table tonight to get a quarter.  Kyle was about to clean them up and Elle said, "I'll put them in the sink."  25 cents!

She has over $20 she has saved over a random period of time so $16 toward her doll.  If she decides to go that route.  

That's what's up for now.

Oh, and less than a month until the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure! YAY!

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ElissaM said...

what fun! FMF is a great way to "see inside" everyone! Elle is so cute with the American Doll thing...i guess there is a huge store at the MOA?