Best Day EVER

Last weekend was SO beautiful.

The kids and I met Kyle, my brother, and my sister-in-law at Lake Calhoun, ate lunch and played.  Some of the pictures I shared in my So This Is March post.  It was an excellent day but the best part was when we were leaving.

Elle had a hard time leaving like kids usually do but it wasn't tantrum or fit level it was just general sadness.  When we got in the car her attitude was of a much different nature.  While I'd love to say that is just the effect our Swagger Wagon has on the kids its very unlikely.

From her seat directly behind me Elle began tell me all the wonderful things she loved about the day.  I always love hearing my kids express how much they enjoyed something so simple as playing at the park but it got better.

After sharing all her favorite things she said, "Mom this was the best day."  Silence for a moment then, "except if I could spend the whole day with God."

That's right Elle.  That is absolutely right.

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