Insane Cravings of a Pregnant Woman

When I was pregnant with Elle and Gabe my eating habits remained fairly normal.  Granted there were a lot of chocolate, peanut butter, banana shakes with Elle and far less food staying in my belly with Gabe.

Despite my attempts to eat healthy, sort of, I'm failing.

So far I've reduced my intake of coffee which is good but I traded my morning coffee in for...

Pepsi (preferably Coke) and Popsicles.

Where I would typically munch on something relatively healthy throughout the day now I'm eating...

Fritos and french fries with ketchup and mayo.

And if I'm not reducing my nausea with french fries doused in mayo, it's possible I've just consumed 1/3 of...

a jar of pickles wrapped in corn beef smothered with cream cheese.

Of course it would be unfair not to mention the plate of nachos I eat almost every night before bed and the fact that I can hardly make it 20 minutes with out eating again, unless I've consumed 1/3 a jar of pickles.  For two days I couldn't stomach anything but the buffalo chicken salad from Jake's, which makes sense since that's so bland and flavorless (sense the sarcasm).

There are times I only want chocolate.  It is rare for me to be without a pint of ice cream in the freezer at work and I've been teased for my consistency in eating cocoa pebbles for breakfast at work, after downing my 12 oz. Coke of course.

So to that theory of what you eat determining the gender of your child, what on earth am I having?!

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Kaylee said...

Hehe! My cravings have been crazy this time around too!!! I want bacon all the time, and hot dogs, and pickles and jelly belly's! So strange, because we eat pretty healthy and those things are usually not on the menu :) Oh the fun of being pregnant!!!