Girl vs. Boy

Don't worry I don't have a bracket for this but Kyle and I did decide that with bebe trois we would wait until birth to find out the gender.

Before becoming pregnant with my first I always thought of course I would wait to find out the gender; that's part of the fun isn't it?  Then I realized that the fun is knowing and getting to shop for them.  I could hardly wait the 20 weeks to find out the gender with Elle.

With Gabe I was so scared to have a boy I just wanted to know we were having a girl.  Alas, I cried in the ultrasound room.  I love my boy so dearly, though I am determined not to have him be that annoying boy on the playground that spews testosterone on all.

Since we are so happy with our girl and so happy with our boy, Kyle and I figure we can wait on this one.  This is driving some of our friends crazy (tee hee) but we have found ways around that.

I have been asked what I think it is and Kyle and I have our own odd theories.  Ours don't involve the shape of my belly or the types of foods that I'm eating.  Instead, our theory is based on the name we have been given. 

As soon as we found out we were pregnant the first time we started looking at name.  I've always loved the name Elle and in our oh-so-handy baby name book we found that Elle comes from Ellianna which means "my God has answered me."  We pretty much new then and there our first child would be a girl and her name would be Elle.  Our sweet little Elle Belle (beautiful girl).

As much as I may have protested having a boy I guess I should have known since we only had a boy name.  Gabriel Isaac. Gabriel meaning, "strong man of God," and Isaac meaning, "he who laughs."  Gabe is certainly strong...willed, and man can that kid make us laugh and he has such an excellent belly laugh as well.

Kyle and I have been given a boy name which according to The Stennes Theory (yes, its capitalized now) would mean we're having a boy.  Of course this could all be sillyness as well.

In any case we'd like to have a girl name to compliment our boy name, you know, just in case but we have had no success in finding a girl name we're good with.  So can you help us out? 

What would you suggest for a girl name?  We like some what original names but not too out there.

Don't worry I haven't forgotten that I haven't said the boy name yet.  You'll have to give a suggestion for a girl to get the boy name.   Aren't I trouble?!?

So we have:

Ellianna Evangeline
Gabriel Isaac


Noemi Hedrick said...

You need a name that can be shortened to one syllable...because it will fit with the others.

Sophia - means wisdom (soph)
Elizabeth - Consecrated to God (liz or beth or libby)

Anonymous said...

I almost named Raya "Eden." I still love that name.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Noemi that it should be able to be shortened...
I like Cadence, which means rhythmic flow of sound, and can be shortened to Cadi.