Well Hello There

It’s hard to believe it has been 7 months since I posted.  Sincere apologies but life has been busy you know.  School for both Kyle and I, working full-time, Elle and Gabe’s dance schedule and other odds and ends that seem to occupy our time.  I’m not sure where the time has gone but in any case it is gone.

Gabe’s 3rd birthday came and went with extremely chilly weather for a corn maze but he seemed to enjoy himself all the same.

Thanksgiving came, was delicious and went with all it's Black Friday insanity.  Love it!

Then came Christmas, Black Friday's pay-off.  No not really but it's starting to feel like Christmas more and more each year.

January brought the return of homework, almost constant illness of some form, and a continual longing to be back with friends.

In February we celebrated 2 birthdays and Elle turned 5! Deep breath.  Elle's favorite birthday present was her tea sets; mine was our positive pregnancy test for baby #3.

And now we're in March and how glorious it has been in Minnesota this March.  

Kyle and I discussed my work, school, home schedule and decided it would be best for me to take some time off school.  I'm still in the period of time I would have had off anyway but I love being able to focus my time on my family.  Notice I don't say my energy.  I don't have much of that these day.  Most often after I put the kids to bed I'm fast behind them.  Going to bed at 8:30 sounds so sad but I can barely keep my eyes open much less my body upright.  I think it will be good to put aside the school work for awhile.

We're looking forward to this summer.  Kyle has an intense 6 weeks to get through first.  Classes Monday - Thursday starting the 2nd week of May.  Elle and Gabe have their 2nd dance recital this June.  Elle is so excite.  I really do think she is the human version of  Angelina Ballerina.  If I had cheddar cheese pies, I'm sure she'd put in foot in them trying to arabesque.

We really wanted to go back to London again this year, we love our old and new friends, but invested in a minivan instead, due to #3.  We love our minivan but really do miss our friends.  We will be able to take a week in August to head up north with some other friends for a stay at a cabin.  We are looking forward to this vacation as well.  Each year family vacations get a little easier as the kids get older.  Now we're adding another one.  What are we thinking? :)

Elle will start kindergarten in September at Aspen Academy in Prior Lake.  She's very excited, and so am I.

So that's us all up to date.  What's new with you?

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